Be a Serve On Leader

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Ready to step up and lead your team in a day of service? Here are some things to remember when planning your service project.

Decide on a group project

Ask your group for ideas and suggestions on organizations or projects they would like to participate in.  Once your group is unanimous, contact the volunteer coordinator at the organization to check available service dates.  Be sure to ask about safety precautions needed and if any special waivers need to be signed in order to volunteer.  *If your group will be working with children, each volunteer will most likely need to fill out a volunteer application and additional forms.

Choose a Date

At the discretion of your supervisor, Serve On work may be done during the business day or during the weekend.  Be sure to get approval from your supervisor and also to confer with group members on your project date before committing with the organization.

Plan Your Project

Inform your team with the project details.  Please contact Ashlee Johnson at johnsonae@mobap.edu before your service date with the date, time and project your team will be participating in.  For groups that will be wearing the Serve On t-shirt during their volunteer project, email Ashlee with your group’s t-shirt sizes. On the day of your event, take pictures if possible and please track the hours your team worked that day.

Volunteering can be rewarding and enjoyable!  Ways to keep your team happy and healthy during your project include:

  • reminding them to wear sunscreen for outdoor projects
  • drink plenty of water/fluids during the project
  • have healthy snacks on hand for extra energy boosts during your volunteer work