Qualifications and Expectations


  1. Be a current full-time student at Missouri Baptist University (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, summer semester is an exception)
  2. GPA of 2.75+
  3. Exhibit characteristics of dependability, discipline, enthusiasm, and leadership
  4. Commit to the mission and values of Missouri Baptist University
  5. Demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills


  1. Participate in ALL recruitment events but not limited to: weekly tours and office hours, Spartan Preview Day, Spartan Exclusive, Spartan Fridays, and Academic Signing Day
  2. Be on time for scheduled shifts
  3. Maintain 2.75+ GPA
  4. Attend trainings, once per semester
  5. Complete evaluation with supervisor at the end of every semester
  6. Work at least 1 tour each week, and office hours (office hours TBD)
  7. Maintain MBU appropriate social media presence 
  8. Abide by the University Ambassador dress code