Our City

Continuing a legacy of light and hope in the city we call home.

Once described as the London of the American West, St. Louis has more recently been crowned a city of hope and hurt. St. Louis was filled with the world’s dignitaries as the Gateway to the West hosted the 1904 World’s Fair and Olympics. Merely 110 years later, the events in Ferguson brought St. Louis to the world’s attention once again, but this time highlighting the wounds haunting the city.

While people may come and go throughout the years, a few organizations and institutions remain constant. For more than 50 years, Missouri Baptist University has remained not only a constant but a captivating light for good in the community. In fact, that’s the core reason the University exists today.

St. Louis Baptists and Christian leaders acknowledged the existence of quality secular education, but noticed a void for quality education and training for Christian leaders in St. Louis. The University’s founders knew the city was in deep need of Christ’s light and messengers to share hope to the shadows where the mainstream do-gooders hesitated to touch.

Since then, the MBU community continues to be St. Louis professionals and neighbors. These missionaries do not need to travel the world to share Christ’s hope and love to the hurting, they simply help and build relationships with those next door.

Meet a few of MBU’s St. Louis luminaries.