Orientation Council Application

Essay Questions Please complete each essay question with thoughtful reflection. Each answer should be between 250-350 words.
Division of Student Development Leadership and Character Statement(Required)
Missouri Baptist University’s Division of Student Development believes leadership is ultimately an expression of character. It is more about who a leader is, than simply what he or she does. Therefore, leadership roles within the division (e.g. Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, Conduct Board members, Student Government officers, Program Board members, etc.) are designed not only to influence and shape the life of the campus community, but to reveal and refine the character of those who serve in them. The success of the university depends upon the success of these leaders, and the success of these leaders inevitably rests upon the content of their character. For this reason, students are chosen and retained in these roles based on evidence of their exemplary character in addition to their broad repertoire of leadership skills. In particular, their character is evident in: Their embodiment of the University’s character We are convinced that these student leaders are the true influencers of campus culture, and it is therefore essential that they vividly portray the University’s character. Their life and leadership illustrate and advance the mission of the institution and model its highest aspirations for life in community. (University Core Values, Spartan Commitments, MBU Mission & Vision) Their cultivation of a consistent life We are convinced that a leader’s success depends upon his or her integrity, and that integrity is born of a coherent and reliable life across context. In the interpersonal and seamless culture of the university experience, student leaders’ credibility depends upon their ability to conduct a consistent life on and off campus, on duty and off duty, in real and virtual/on-line contexts. Their commitment to ethical behavior We are convinced that an individual’s success in engaging and transforming the world depends upon the process of leadership as much as the product. A leader’s conduct, decision-making, and relationships in pursuit of laudable goals make meaningful and enduring impacts on the community in and of themselves. In short, how a leader leads is as important as what a leader achieves. Therefore, unquestionably ethical behavior and the highest standards for means as well as ends are hallmarks of a truly successful student leader. Student leaders should be diligent in their efforts to abide by the Spartan Commitment Pledge which state: “As a member of the Missouri Baptist University community, I commit myself to affirm to uphold the core values of faith, truth, excellence, character and social change. In committing myself to these values, I agree to exemplify behavior which is consistent with the University’s Code of Conduct and the Academic Integrity and Honesty system.” I understand that by accepting this student leadership role that I am committing to the standards set before me in the above statements.
Statement of Community Accountability(Required)
I understand by applying for this position a review of my student record by the Office of Community Accountability will occur. Students applying for student leadership positions must be in good behavioral standing to hold a student leader position.