Online Undergraduate Programs


MBU is proud to offer bachelor’s degrees in Sport Management, Organizational Leadership, Healthcare Management and General Studies, along with more than 100 classes from our undergraduate catalog in an online format. We want our undergraduate students to be able to complete their degree in a flexible and unique learning environment. Through personal initiative, students are able to complete coursework at their own pace.

In addition to completing undergraduate coursework online, MBU offers the following Bachelor degree programs in an exclusively online format:


Online Degree in Organizational Leadership

This degree applies to management and leadership roles that span the entire branch of the job market. Graduates with this degree have a wide range of options including management positions in administrative services, sales, human resources, and marketing.


sportmanagementOnline Degree in Sport Management

This program will allow graduates to develop the skills to organize, administer, and facilitate sport programs. Graduates will be qualified to work at the corporate, agency, professional and amateur levels.



Online Degree in Healthcare Management

This degree provides students for management positions in a wide range of healthcare settings, including: hospitals, health clinics, rehabilitation centers, home care management, physicians’ offices and nursing homes.


Online Degree in General Studies

This program provides an opportunity for students to achieve a flexible and valuable multi-disciplinary bachelor’s degree—a qualification needed to work in most professional industries.


The following programs are offered both online and offline for a blended degree program option:


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