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This page is devoted to equipping MBU faculty with the tools needed to carry out the University’s mission in an online classroom.

Teaching Online for the First Time

  • The single most important thing you can do is to stay engaged daily with your students. Use email, announcements, the Course Q & A discussion forum, chat, etc., but check in every day (preferably several times) to help your students through this transition.
  • How to Help Struggling Students Succeed Online Eight simple ways you can help your new online students do well.

Canvas Resources for Faculty

Set up your Canvas course in 30 minutes or less

Zoom Resources

Resources to find Course Content/Videos

Bring in the expertise of others around the world to your course. Look for resources at sites like these:

Also check your textbook publisher’s website. Most have online resources you can use.

Need Canvas assistance?

Canvas now offers a 24/7 Help Desk via a support hotline. Additionally, click “help” within Canvas to get the telephone numbers or to turn in a help desk ticket by clicking “report a problem.”

Additional Help Resources

Prepared for Success

Cameron Poole: Alumni Success Story

As a young man, Cameron Poole saw a need for change in education. So naturally, he is now leading the charge for change. MBU alumni Cameron Poole (’17) currently serves as the Director of Equity and Inclusion for the Clayton School … Learn More

James Keeton: Alumni Success Story

James Keeton saw the need for change in his community — then he got to work. Keeton watched circumstances lead youth in his community down a tumultuous path and he was determined to lead them to change. MBU alumni, James Keeton (’13, … Learn More

Andrea Scott: Alumni Success Story

Growing up, she took inspiration from her ancestors who pushed toward their dreams, regardless of hardship. Her dreams became a reality through hard work, perseverance and her education at MBU. Andrea Scott is a two-time, award-winning children’s author, business owner, … Learn More

Virtual Campus Life

myMBU provides faculty and staff a one-stop shop to access an array of services, including myMBULearn hosted by Canvas, student life information and academic information such as class schedules.

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