What You Can Expect From Your Advisor

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While advisors have certain expectations of their student advisees, students can also expect certain things from their advisors to create a meaningful advisor/advisee interactive experience.  Advisors should be:

  • Available.  Advisors have published office hours on their doors when they should be available for consultation.  Keep in mind, though, that advisors have many advisees, so while you may be able to drop by for a quick question, it is recommended that students make an appointment to ensure that your advisor will have adequate time to fully address to your concerns. Also consider sending an email if the issue is not urgent and allow them a day to respond to your concern or question.
  • Knowledgeable.  Advisees have the right to expect their advisors to give them accurate information about the university and program requirements, policies, procedures, deadlines, etc. While few advisors will have all of this information memorized, they should be able to locate this information. They should:
    • guide your academic decision-making process and assist you in identifying the appropriate path to achieve your academic goals.
    • provide current, accurate information to you regarding your degree plan and progress toward degree completion.
    • respond to questions regarding university policies or degree requirements.
    • serve as a resource for information on majors, minors or available areas or concentration within their discipline that align with your stated academic and career goals.
  • Respectful.  Every student has the right to be treated in a respectful and caring manner.  Advisors should:
    • listen attentively and get to know you as their advisee
    • maintain your confidentiality in accordance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
    • make referrals to campus resources as needed
    • respond to requests, emails, messages in a timely manner (typically one business day)