What Advisors Expect of Students

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In the advisor/advisee relationship, the academic advisor will expect the following responsibilities of the student:

  • Accept responsibility for your academic success.
    • Read and understand academic policies and degree requirements.
    • Be sure to ASK your advisor if there are policies or requirements that you do not understand.
  • Monitor your progress toward degree completion.
    • Consult with your advisor during the course registration period.
    • Advisors will expect students to have a reasonable grasp of their progress toward your degrees as well as a tentative idea of courses you have yet to take.
  • Be a self-advocate.
    • Inform your academic advisor if you are experiencing any academic difficulties that may require reevaluation of the degree plan or changing majors or areas of concentration.
    • Locate and utilize campus resources and student support services.  Become familiar with the Academic Success Center.
  • Schedule, attend, and be on time for appointments for advisement sessions.
    • Drop-in meetings may be acceptable for seeking answer to simple questions, but make sure to schedule appointments for issues that cannot be addressed quickly.
    • Be respectful of your advisor’s time and call to cancel if you cannot make your scheduled appointment.
  • Provide advisors with feedback on your degree progress and be sure to follow up on any recommendations that are given during an advisement period.