University Abbreviations and Course Numbering

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Campus Abbreviations
MA Main Campus (West St. Louis County)
TW MBU-Troy/Wentzville (Moscow Mills, MO)
JC MBU at Jefferson College (Hillsboro, MO)
AJC MBU in Arnold
FC MBU in Union
LC MBU at Lewis and Clark (Godfrey, IL)
LM MBU in the Mineral Area (Leadington, MO)
SCC MBU in St. Charles
JAL MBU at John A. Logan (Carterville, IL)
RL MBU at Rend Lake (Ina, IL)
MDL Distance Learning (only for full time, Main Campus undergraduate students taking 12-18 credit
hours, including web course(s)
WDL Distance Learning (all Regional Learning Center students and graduate students as well as
undergraduate students taking fewer than 12 hours at Main Campus, including web course(s)

Course Abbreviations

In addition, the above site designations will have one or more of the following characters which will further denote specifics regarding the course:
If preceded by the letter D, this denotes a day class (ex. DMA = day class on Main Campus)
If preceded by the letter E, this denotes an evening class (ex. EMA = evening Main Campus)
If followed by an asterisk (*), this denotes a 15-week class (ex. DMA*)
If followed by the letter W, this denotes a weekend class (ex. EMAW)
If followed by a 1, this denotes a 1st 8-week course (ex. EMA1)
If followed by a 2, this denotes a 2nd 8-week course (ex. EMA2)
In addition to the above designations, a class may have an additional letter to denote multiple sections of the same course within the same term (e.g. DMA*A, DMA*B). These designations indicated that on Main Campus, there are two daytime 15-week sections of the same course.

Academic Terms (Undergraduate, Master, Specialist)
FA-13 Fall August-December
WT-13 Winterim December-January
SP-14 Spring January-April
SU-14 Summer April/May-August

Course Numbering
The first digit in the course number indicates the degree of difficulty as designated below
000-099 developmental, not considered for degree credit
100-299 lower division, designed for freshmen and sophomores
300-499 upper division, designed for juniors and seniors
500-599 master’s degree level
600-699 specialist degree level
700-799 doctoral degree level

The third digit in the course number indicates the number of semester hours of credit which the course carries. ACCT 223, Principles of Managerial Accounting, would be a 3-credit hour course taken for lower division credit.

Special Numbering
1. A course number such as MUAP 111/311 indicates a course that may be taken for multiple semesters of credit. Private Piano for the first 4 semesters of credit would use the course number MUAP 111 and upon successful completion of the Sophomore Proficiency the student would receive upper division credit for Private Piano using the course number MUAP 311 for the final 4 semesters of credit.
2. A course number such as BUSN 471-476 indicates variable credit, ranging from one to six hours.
3. A course number such as MURA 110/310 indicates a course which carries no credit per semester toward the degree, but is required for the major or program.
4. A course number such as KATH 271/371 indicates a course which may be taken twice for credit: the first semester for lower division credit and the second semester for upper division credit. A course number such as BIOL 273/373 indicates a course which may be taken once for either lower or upper division credit. Instructor approval is required before the student may register for upper division credit, and additional advanced work is required.
5. A course number such as COMT 483A/B indicates a course which may be taken for credit for twice, with the A course being designated with I after the title and the B course being designated with II after the title. A course number such as HIRE 323A or HIRE 323B indicates separate but related courses.
6. Courses with prefixes such as EDPS or HIRE are cross-listed in two disciplines, such as Education/Psychology or History/Religion. The courses will be listed under both disciplines in the Course Schedule (see the Cross-Listed Courses information on the Course Description Index page).
7. Courses cross-listed at the 400- and 500-levels may be taken for either undergraduate or graduate credit. Selected courses are available to undergraduate students for graduate credit with Senior Permission (see the catalog section on Senior Permission). Students must complete all graduate course requirements to earn graduate credit.

Grade Explanation
CR Credit; courses offered on a Credit/No Credit basis
IN Incomplete; if not completed within one semester, grade of F is automatically assigned
NC No Credit; courses offered on a Credit/No Credit basis
W Withdrawal during permissible withdrawal period
WF Withdrawal after permissible withdrawal period/failure; negatively impacts GPA
XF Unofficial withdrawal/failure (usually a result of excessive absence)

Student Classification
Undergraduate students are classified by total hours earned, as follows:
0-29 Freshman
30-59 Sophomore
60-89 Junior
90+ Senior