How to Build a Course Schedule

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Registration for the coming academic year typically opens when students return to classes following Spring Break. In preparation for course registration, students should begin to examine the online course offerings and begin to assemble a schedule of classes that will keep them on track for graduation. The tips offered below can help you build a manageable schedule.

1. Obtain a degree worksheet. Degree sheets for the current academic year are available here, or you can see your academic advisor to obtain a copy from a previous year.
2. Complete the degree sheet with all the courses that you have taken and those in which you are currently enrolled.
3. Print a registration worksheet
4. For the courses you have remaining, check the online course schedule to view the courses that are available during the coming academic year. If you are a student athlete, or if you work regularly during the school year, be sure to have your practice/work schedules with you as you peruse the course schedule.
a. Be sure to select the appropriate term (Fall or Spring) in the upper left corner of the course schedule webpage as some courses are only offered during one term or are offered at different times in the fall and spring.
b. Night classes are generally offered in an 8-week format. The first 8-week term is designated EMA1 (for main campus offerings), and the second 8-week term is designated EMA2. Student athletes should be aware that they are only permitted to take one night class at a time.
c. To view offerings for online courses, you must select “Distance Learning” in the Campus dropdown menu at the top of the webpage.
5. Begin filling in the registration worksheet with needed courses, but pay attention to the course prerequisites.
a. You will not be allowed to register for a course if the appropriate course prerequisites have not yet been completed.
b. Be sure to record the specific section of a course (DMA*A, EMA1, MDL, etc.) to ensure you are enrolled in the appropriate day and time.
6. Once you have designed a schedule that looks reasonable and manageable, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to review your schedule and secure permission to register for classes.