Advising FAQ

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How do I make changes to my schedule?
To make changes to your schedule, you will need to print a “Schedule Adjustment Form” and make an appointment with your advisor.  Discuss with your advisor the reasons for the change and complete the form, obtaining your advisor’s signature.  Student athletes are additionally required to get the signature of the Director of Athletics, while international students must get the signature of the International Student Advisor.  After all necessary signatures have been obtained, the form is turned into the Records Office, located on the first floor of the Field Academic Hall.

What do all these abbreviations mean?
There are many abbreviations used in the student handbook and the course schedule.  For a glossary of abbreviations, please click here.

How soon can I register for classes?
Registration for summer opens in late November.  Registration for fall/spring opens in mid-March, usually on the Monday that classes resume following Spring Break.

What do I do if I can’t reach my advisor?
In the event that you have difficulty connecting with your advisor during his/her posted office hours, most advisors can be reached by email or phone.  Check the campus phone/email directory and allow them at least one business day to return your correspondence.  If you are still having difficulty reaching your advisor, please contact the Undergraduate Advising office at 314-392-2287.