Advisor’s Checklist

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___ Post specific “advising hours” on your office door and provide a sign-up sheet or electronic means to schedule an appointment with you.
___ Send an email to all your advisees alerting them of your advising hours, and remind them to bring a draft of their schedule to your meeting.
___ Remind students that registration cannot be completed if there is a “hold” on their account.  Balances must be below $800 in order for registration to proceed.
___ Check mid-term grades and transcripts for D’s and F’s.  Remind students that the best way to improve their GPA quickly is to repeat the course the following time it is offered.
___ Monitor students’ progress toward completion of:

  1. ___ General education
  2. ___ Degree requirements
  3. ___ Major requirements
  4. ___ Electives in major
  5. ___ Minor requirements
  6. ___ Total number of upper division hours…MUST have minimum of 45 total hours

___ Have students schedule a “grad check” at the beginning of their junior year
___ Remind students to pay special attention to course periodicity so that they do not miss the last offering of the course prior to their anticipated graduation date
___ For students intending to acquire credit by examination (CLEP, Challenge Tests, etc.), remind them to check specific policies and to pursue those options prior to their final semester enrolled in order to ensure that if they do not pass, they still have time to take the course.
___ Remind students to acquire prior permission for plans to take courses outside of MBU.  Download the “Outside Institution Study Request” form.