Advising Student Athletes

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In order to maintain eligibility to participate in NAIA events, student athletes need to be making adequate progress toward completion of their degrees, and they must maintain a minimum GPA as specified by the NAIA.  Please keep these important points in mind when advising student athletes.

1)     A student athlete must be enrolled at full-time status (a minimum of 12 hours) in order to be eligible to complete in the current semester.

2)     If a student athlete needs to drop a course, they MUST maintain a minimum enrollment of 12 hours to be eligible.  If the add/drop period (first two weeks) has passed, one way to maintain this enrollment is to register the student for a second-8 weeks night class.

3)     Student athletes are only permitted to take one night class per 8-week session.

4)     All schedule adjustments for student athletes must be approved by Dr. Tom Smith.