MyMBU Set Up

How to Create a Password

  1. Go to www.mobap.edu/password to set up a password. Select “Password Reset” and use your student ID (located on the top right corner of your bill) and turn that into an email address.
  • You will receive a password verification email to the address that you indicated on the registration form.  Follow those steps to set up your password.

How to Log In to MyMBU

  1. Go to www.mobap.edu
  2. Click on the top right of the screen “MyMBU”
  3. After signing into “MyMBU” select the “Access” portion of the portal. You will need to log in again using your student ID and password.

How to Pay Your Bill Online

  1. Log into MyMBU
  2. Click on the “MyMBU Access” circle
  • When prompted, log in to the Student Portal 
  • Go to “My Bill”
  • Once here, type in the dollar amount owed.
  • Then click the button below the box “Pay this Amount Online”
  • The screen below will show up, click the “Make Payment” button to continue.
  • Next you will come to a Log In Screen. Ignore the log in and choose one of the options below which are “Register” or “Pay Without Registering.”
  • Once you have selected “Register” or “Pay Without Registering,” fill out the needed information and follow the prompts to submit the payment.