Tammy Criscuolo

Class of 2012
Special Education Teacher, Robinwood Elementary School, Special School District
Master of Educational Administration
Number of years of experience: 14
Special accolades or accomplishments: It was a major personal accomplishment for me to start my life over and begin my college education at the age of 45. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Special Education (Summa Cum Laude.) I continue to persevere with my education. I have received two master’s degrees and am now working toward my doctorate degree.
What was the one “takeaway” you received from an MBU education?
The one “takeaway” I received from my education through MBU is feeling like I belong. It is wonderful to attend school in the St. Charles location and have students from Warrenton, St. Louis City, South County, and North County in addition to the local Saint Charles students. This allowed me to be exposed to education of all cultures and communities. As I continue my studies at MBU, this opportunity can only provide me with an enrichment of educational learning opportunities.