Faith Rose

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Class of 2012
Special education Teacher, Wildhorse Elementary, Special School District
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Number of years of experience: 6
Special accolades or accomplishments:
I received a 4.0 President’s Citation for each semester I attended MBU. I was inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi honor society in March 2012. I was also awarded the Outstanding Student of Achievement for Education for the Jefferson County area in May 2012.
What was the one “takeaway” you received from an MBU education?
Missouri Baptist University gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I was a returning student and, at 40 years old, I was afraid that I would feel out of place. I never felt old, out-dated, out of touch, or awkward. My opinions and views were not only appreciated but often sought out. I feel that I really blended in nicely with the “younger” college crowd, and everyone at MBU helped to make me feel focused and relevant. Age doesn’t matter. It is never too late to chase your dream. I have a career today that I absolutely love, not just a job that I get up to go to every morning. It feels like a perfect fit!