Erin Falloon

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Class of 2008
Associate Choir Director, Oakville High School, Mehlville School District
Bachelor of Music Education. I am currently working toward a Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction at MBU.
Number of years of experience: 5
Special accolades or accomplishments:
As associate director, I share my accolades with my colleague Paula Martin, who is a great person to work with. Together we have had a great five years. One of our choirs performed at the MMEA (Missouri Music Educators Association) conference in January of 2010. We were invited back to perform at the upcoming conference in January 2013. We have participated in several national level competitions, and have often come away with first place.
What was the one “takeaway” you received from an MBU education?
I met my husband, Justin Falloon, at MBU. He was the best “takeaway.” Seriously though, I really enjoyed being part of the music program. I feel like I got the help and support I needed from the music faculty and enjoyed performing in all of the ensembles. I grew so much as a musician during my time at MBU.