Media and Production Specialist for the Office of Special Events

Area:  Office Special Events

I.          Basic Function

Under the direct authority of the Director of Special Events, the Media and Production Specialist will provide the audio visual needs of Pillsbury Chapel & Dale Williams Fine Arts Center primarily and for University and community events. 

II.         Responsibilities and Authority

In accordance with university policies, procedures, programs, and budgets, the Media and Production Specialist for the Office of Special Events is specifically responsible for and has commensurate authority to accomplish the following:


  • Coordinate student volunteers, work-study, part time and contract associates for staffing for university and community events across the campus. 
  • Coordinate with VP of Spiritual Formation and act as Technical Director for weekly Chapel services.
  • Create production value, stage design and provide staffing and equipment oversight for chapel services, recruiting events and academic meetings as needed.
  • Develop and maintain storage solutions for AV equipment, instruments. 
  • Cooridinate with other stakeholders audio, lighting, and video systems repair as well as replacement and purchase of equipment. 
  • Support campus wide events in the area of production needs including the President,  Provost, Enrollment services, Student Development and Athletics. 
  • Develop and continue a working relationship with AV professionals and vendors.
  • Train and mentor student volunteers and workers who utilize equipment. 


  • Assist with preparation for university Fine Arts productions
  • Assist with rental clients and assess staffing needs

III.        Relationships

Media and Production Specialist for the Office of Special Events will observe the following relationships:

Director of Special Events

The Media and Production Specialist for the Office of Special Events reports directly to the Director of Special Events for the execution of tasks and responsibilities as delineated in this position description and deemed necessary by this director. Film projects will be supervised by the Associate Vice President of Communications and Marketing. 

IV.       Performance Measure Criteria

An Annual Performance review is to be conducted by the Director of Special Events.  This evaluation will include assessment of the performance of all tasks related to the position, an analysis of strengths and weaknesses based on a review of the position description and recent performance, and proposed personal and professional development. This review may be written and/or oral in nature.

V.         Competencies and Requirements

Education and Experience

A college degree and experience in the audio visual field is required.

Technical Proficiencies

  • Audio: Must have a working knowledge of analog system signal flow and gain structure. Must have a working knowledge of networked audio data flow and digital console operation. Basic soldering skills are desired. 
  • Lighting: Must have a working knowledge of ETC Source Four conventional lighting fixtures. Must have a working knowledge of rep and focus plot design. 
  • Video: Must have a basic knowledge of camera and switcher operation.
  • Projection: Must have a basic knowledge of presentation software platforms.
  • Staging and Rigging: Must be able to operate a platform lift. Basic knowledge of fly line, travelers, and counterbalance systems is required.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to physically complete daily tasks which include climbing ladders, working in enclosed spaces, and some heavy lifting. 

Personal and Professional Qualifications

Must maintain personal and professional integrity, a positive outlook, and professional demeanor and maintain confidentiality. Must also be able to multi-task, be well organized with the ability to focus on the situation at hand and complete the job. An excellent work ethic is necessary and flexibility is essential for the job requirements including long hours and a diverse schedule. 

Spiritual Qualifications

A testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ with an active participation in a location church and be in agreement with the conduct their duties consistent with the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).

Interested applicants can send their resume, cover letter and statement of faith to Terri Adams at Terri.Adams@mobap.edu.

Rev. 7/10/22