MBU’s director of assessment, institutional research co-authors book on dissertation writing

Dr. Tim Delicath, MBU Associate Professor for Educational Research and Director for Assessment and Institutional Research, has co-authored a book aimed at providing doctoral students insight into writing the often-overwhelming dissertation.

This first edition of “Dissertation and Research Success: Hands-on Coaching for Doctoral Success Before, During, and After Your Dissertation” is a collaborative work between Delicath and Dr. Robin Buckley. It was released this spring.

The recently published book includes insights from many doctoral professors who share one common goal – to help doctoral students achieve their dreams. The topics in the book address the needs of doctoral students.

“It is written in such a way that it provides a personal connection with experienced faculty who explain details of the dissertation in an easy-to-understand way,” Delicath said. “It also incorporates hands–on opportunities to help understand topics related to the dissertation development to take learning from theory to practice.”

Tim Delicath earned his Ph.D. degree in Higher Education Administration with a minor in research and Statistics from Saint Louis University. He has over 30 years of experience in secondary and post-secondary education as an educator and administrator. His roles include teacher, professor, director of institutional research, director of academic affairs, and other administrative positions. Tim has facilitated online doctoral level courses for the past 12 years. He has also served as dissertation chair and committee member for both quantitative and qualitative studies. He has done consulting work in the areas of business process development, research study design and implementation, data-driven decision making, institutional research, strategic planning, and assessment and evaluation for multiple organizations.

To purchase a copy of Delicath’s recent work, go to xilbris.com