MBU Launches Adult and Online Program for Busy Adults

This fall, Missouri Baptist University launched an Adult and Online Program division geared at offering higher education in a way that meets the challenges of busy adult learners, particularly those who have started and stopped their pursuit for a college degree.

“The goal of MBU’s Adult and Online Program division is to provide students a way to complete their degree in an affordable and accessible manner,“ said Dr. Aaron Black, who was recently appointed dean of the new division. “But it isn’t only that. Our programs are designed to advance the student’s career by offering credentials and knowledge for leadership opportunities.”

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MBU’s new division offers four undergraduate degree tracks entirely online. The Bachelor’s in Professional Studies degree offers emphases in healthcare management, general studies and organizational leadership. In addition, the division offers the Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management—a program designed to to assist students in developing the skills to organize, administer, and facilitate sport programs at the corporate, agency, professional and amateur levels.

The new undergraduate programs will augment the University’s successful online graduate programs. Currently, hundreds of students from across the country are enrolled in MBU’s 11 graduate programs that are offered online.

The decision to invest in an initiative to provide adults with some college credit an opportunity to finish their undergraduate degree came down to the University’s mission, Black said.

“In keeping with our evangelical mission, we see this opportunity as a way to not only help students attain their degree, but also improve their quality of life,” Black said. “Our adults programs are intentionally designed to enrich students’ lives spiritually, intellectually and professionally.”

They are also designed to provide flexibility.

In addition to the convenience that comes with the online format, the programs are specifically designed to be more transfer friendly than most other degree options students might be considering—this ensures that a student can capitalize on the college credit they have already earned, Black said.

At 120 hours, MBU’s online degrees are shorter than many other bachelor’s degree programs. The University faculty has worked diligently through researching current working adults also studying online to develop degrees that are convenient, affordable, and highly transfer friendly—ensuring that students can finish their degree in a reasonable amount of time at a fair price.