Saint Louis Honors Program launched at MBU

MBU will begin its first-ever St. Louis Honors Program next year, and it is currently in the final stages of development.

Led by Fine Arts Chair Dr. Larry Smith, along with an Honors Taskforce, the new program is currently accepting applicants through a process of detailing his or her academic and leadership achievements, community involvement and objectives if placed in the program. Chosen applicants will begin an on-campus interview process early in the spring 2016 semester.

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Beginning freshman year, Big Ideas I and II will be completed, which will explore Christian and human thought and creativity from earliest records to present day. The remainder of the school years will consist of required courses to produce and publish research as well as to complete a senior project. A minimum of three honors contracts will also be created between the student and instructor of any MBU class taken within or out of his or her major.

Honors members will be eligible for all academic scholarships in place as well as a $1000 scholarship that will continue to be available as long as the student remains in honors. Students in the program will have access to special housing options, participate in travel study and attend extracurricular activities.