MBU Calendar Help

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Sign Up
Click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner under the search bar.
Enter your name, email address and password.
Or, on the right-hand-side choose to either log in using MBU’s system, Login with School ID or Facebook.

Log in
Click on the Log In button in the top right corner under the search bar.
Enter email and password.

Change Profile Picture
Scroll over to the down-ward arrow next to the current profile picture.
Go down to Preferences and select Settings.
On the settings page, click on the photo box.
On the right side of the page, under Upload a Picture, click on Choose File.
Select and upload the picture you’re wanting to use.
Once finished selecting the photo click, Upload Photos.
After the photo is uploaded it will appear in the gallery.
Choose the uploaded photo and it will appear on the right side of the screen.
Under the photo, select the button, Set Profile Picture.
The hit, Save Changes.

Subscribe to Event
Select event you’re wanting to subscribe to.
Under event description, in the grey box look for the Subscribe section.
Click on either, Google, iCal or Outlook.
Follow prompts from selected calendar.

Subscribe to Event Type
Scroll down on main calendar page.
On right side, listed under Event Types select the event type you want to follow.
Once selected, you will be taken to a new page.
On the Middle Right of page there will be four options, Google, iCal, Outlook or RSS Feed.
Select which calendar you want to use and then follow prompts from that calendar.

Submit an Event
On the right side of the calendar’s main page, under the month view calendar, click on Submit an Event button.
Once redirected to a new page, fill out each field.
Lines with an asterisk are required to be filled out.
Once filling out the desired fields, select Add Event button at the bottom of the page.