Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

The flexible schedule allows you to take classes when your time permits. Courses are offered year-round, and typically meet once a week for eight sessions. Many students also take online courses to fit their particular schedules. Learn More

Master of Educational Administration (MEA)

The Educational Leadership programs at Missouri Baptist University seek to prepare students for the growing need for visionary leaders in an ever-changing market for principals, directors, supervisors, curriculum and professional development specialists, superintendents and other key educators. The need for outstanding administrative leaders in K-12 schools continues to grow at an increasing rate and MBU prepares students to meet this need in ways that consider the busy schedule of the working professional. The university offers an advanced degree that provides students the opportunity to build on their teaching and leadership experience, preparing them for leadership positions in the field of education. Learn More

Master of Science in Education: Curriculum & Instruction (MSE)

The Master of Science in Education (MSE) degree in Curriculum and Instruction offers students the opportunity to enhance not only their comprehension and understanding of curriculum and instruction, but also, to develop the professional technological skills required for success in today’s educational environment. Learn More

Behavioral Science

The Behavioral Science major is organized within the context of an interdisciplinary liberal arts approach drawing from the disciplines of Criminal Justice, Human Services, Psychology, and Sociology. Learn More

Criminal Justice

In accordance with the mission statement of Missouri Baptist University and the academic program, Criminal Justice is an area of study that seeks to provide Christ-centered quality higher education to traditional and adult students. Learn More

Child Development

The undergraduate degree plans offered by the Education Division, with the exception of Child Development and Studies in Teaching and Learning, are designed to meet Missouri State Teacher Certification requirements.

Learn More

Early Childhood Education

This major is available as both a stand-alone (Birth through Grade 3) and as a combined major with Elementary Education (Birth through Grade 6) and/or Early Childhood Special Education (Birth through Grade 3 or Grade 6). Learn More

Elementary Education

This major is available as both a stand-alone (Grades 1-6) and as a combined major with Early Childhood and/or Early Childhood Special Education(Birth through Grade 3) or with Special Education Cross-categorical Disabilities Mild/Moderate (Grades K-12). Learn More

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed for active business professionals looking to advance in their career, as well as individuals who wish to launch or pivot to a career in business. Our unique program allows students who earned a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than business to seek their MBA degree. There are no prerequisites for Missouri Baptist University’s core MBA courses, making the transition to graduate business study convenient. Learn More

Applied Management

For students with 60 or more transferable semester hours of credit from an Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) program, the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree with an Applied Management major allows flexibility in utilizing prior technical coursework towards major requirements. However, an (A.A.S.) is not required to pursue the degree. This major does not include any built-in minors. Learn More

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