Master of Educational Administration (MEA)

The Educational Leadership programs at Missouri Baptist University seek to prepare students for the growing need for visionary leaders in an ever-changing market for principals, directors, supervisors, curriculum and professional development specialists, superintendents and other key educators. The need for outstanding administrative leaders in K-12 schools continues to grow at an increasing rate and MBU prepares students to meet this need in ways that consider the busy schedule of the working professional. The university offers an advanced degree that provides students the opportunity to build on their teaching and leadership experience, preparing them for leadership positions in the field of education. Learn More

Master of Science in Education: Curriculum & Instruction (MSE)

The Master of Science in Education (MSE) degree in Curriculum and Instruction offers students the opportunity to enhance not only their comprehension and understanding of curriculum and instruction, but also, to develop the professional technological skills required for success in today’s educational environment. Learn More