Wednesday’s Clues

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routeCLUE 7: TASTES OF THE WORLD: Visit Tastes of the World in the Perk and take team selfies at each table, sampling the items. Instagram with #MBUAmazingRace. First submission is worth 10 points.



routeCLUE 8: FAMILY FUED: Find two logos of the sporting goods companies that were founded by two feuding brothers in 1948. [HINT: Both companies’ headquarters are still located in on opposite sides of town of a tiny German village.] Take team selfies with someone of campus wearing the logos. Instagram to #MBUAmazingRace First submission is worth 15 points.


routeCLUE 9: DOLL PLAY: Find the international doll collection on campus. Photograph at least one doll from each continent and Instagram to #MBUAmazingRace First submission is worth 10 points.



detourCLUE 10: DETOUR*[only choose 1]:


 CHOICE 1: MISSIONARY: Find a faculty or staff member who has been on a foreign mission trip. Ask permission to have your picture taken with him/her. Special Instructions: Add something in your photo that tells the name of the country (flag colors, handwritten note, etc.). Instagram with #MBUAmazingRace. 1st submission 10 points


Find three different people on campus that speak a different language. Ask then to say “God bless you” in their native language and video the results via Instagram to #MBUAmazingRace

1st submission 15 points

*A Detour is a choice between two tasks: Teams can only complete task of the detour for points. Points are awarded based on complexity and time involved.

routeCLUE 11: Identify what this is and where you could find it. Email answer to kontrse@mobap.edu with #MBUAmazingRace in the subject line. 1st submission 10 points