Monday’s Clues

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routeCLUE 1: At the Resident Life Event in the Dining Hall, identify the food served that comes from the home of the Incas. Take a picture of at least one team member eating the food (or by the serving case with the appropriate food). Submit to Instagram with #MBUAmazingRace. First submission is worth 10 points.


detourCLUE 2: DETOUR*: FIND OR CLIMB: Choose between [only choose 1]:
FIND a student, faculty or staff who has visited the country from CLUE 1. Ask permission to have your picture taken with them. Instagram with #MBUAmazingRace. 1st submission 10 points
CLIMB the most famous mountain peak in the country from CLUE 1:
Identify the mountain by unscrambling the following: ACHMU CIHUPC
Figure out how high above sea level (in meters) the mountain is.
If each stair step on campus represents 100 meters, each team member should climb the numbers of steps needed to reach the top of the mountain.
Instagram a short video at the end with your team, saying “We reached the top of [name of mountain peak] by climbing [number needed to reach top] stairs.” #MBUAmazingRace 1st submission 20 points

*A Detour is a choice between two tasks: Teams can only complete task of the detour for points. Points are awarded based on complexity and time involved.

routeCLUE 3: Identify where this is and what is significant about it. Email answer to with #MBUAmazingRace in the subject line.