Work Study Jobs 2020-2021


If you are eligible for the Federal Work Study program, we encourage you to review the positions below.
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On Campus Federal Work Study Positions


Provost’s Office Student Worker - Position Filled

Graduate Studies/Advising Student Worker - Position Filled

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TITLERecords Office Student Worker
DEPARTMENTRecords Office
BASIC FUNCTIONAssist office personnel with daily responsibilities and special projects.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYThe student worker will be responsible for scanning daily paperwork into Filebound, collate/alphabetize grade changes and incomplete forms and other forms that are turned into the Records Office. Mass mailings are sent from the office at various times of the year. The student workers will be responsible for helping the full-time staff fold, collate and stuff those mailings. At extremely busy times, it may be necessary to answer the phone and assistant walk-in clients.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIACourteous to those on the telephone and in person. Previous office experience is not required, but preferable.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSThe student worker is required to work 10 hours/week. The schedule is flexible, however, prior knowledge of the schedule is needed. Changes can be made with prior approval.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESExperience will include: Customer Service, computer skills, phone etiquette. They will be managing digital content, filing and general coordination and assisting staff as necessary. They will gain experience working in a professional setting.

Graduate Admissions Student Worker - Position Filled

School of Education Student Assistant - Position Filled

Office Assistant to Dean, School of Business

TITLEOffice Assistant to Dean, School of Business
DEPARTMENTSchool of Business
BASIC FUNCTIONThe office assistant for the Dean, School of Business will assist with basic organization and office support.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYThe office assistant in the School of Business will assist the Dean.  Assist with the production and mailing of material pertaining to the Dean’s office.  Assist with data entry.  Provide office support for School of Business faculty as directed by the Dean.
RELATIONSHIPSWorks directly under the supervision of the Dean, School of Business
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAStudent will be evaluated on the ability to successfully complete assignments, attendance, ability to work well with others, conscientiousness, and quality of work.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSProficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.    Strong oral and written communication skills that include proofreading; excellent phone and people skills and a problem solver.  Must have the ability to work collaboratively as well as independently; Must have strong sense of customer service; Must be available for 8-10 working hours M-F during the day; Must maintain confidentiality at all times; Must be willing to work special events as requested; Must maintain a business casual to professional dress code
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESThe work study student will gain experience in planning and coordinating as well as sharpen clerical and computer skills that will enhance their future business career.  

Business Office Student Associate - Position Filled

Student Accounts Student Associate - Position Filled

President’s Office – Office Assistant - Position Filled

General Office Assistant - Student Counseling and Wellness - Position Filled

Student Development Office Assistant - Position Filled

Financial Services Student Associate

TITLEFinancial Services Student Associate
DEPARTMENTFinancial Services
BASIC FUNCTIONUnder the direct supervision of the Assistant Director of Financial Services, the Student Associates will help carry out daily Financial Services tasks.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYWithin the limits of authorized college policies, procedures, programs and budgets, the Student Associates are responsible for and has authority to accomplish the following duties: Process payments to the student accounts via CAMS, balance cash transactions and cash on hand. Prepare cash deposits and provide them to a University Public Safety Officer for transport to bank. Help answer phone calls, emails, and assist student visitors with billing and financial aid questions and payment arrangements. Scan Financial Services documents, other duties as assigned.
RELATIONSHIPSThe Student Associate will observe the following relationships: Will report to the Director of Financial Services, Associate Director and Assistant Director. This position will assist the Financial Counselors and Administrative Assistant in completing Financial Services tasks efficiently and effectively.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAAn annual performance review is to be conducted by the Director or Associate Director of Financial Services.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSBackground in accounting and cash management preferred. Familiarity with computers and Microsoft Office Suite. The ability to follow specific instructions and carry out tasks with accuracy is a must. Must be a team player with the ability to work well with others to complete tasks. Excellent oral and written communications skills required.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESCounseling, human services, social work, advertising/marketing, communications, psychology, business administration, accounting, etc. are all areas that will help you to succeed in this job. In turn, you will learn skills that will help you to thrive in your career in the future. Students with an interest in IT networking, Information Systems, efficiencies in technology, data reporting, federal law and regulation, public policy, and many other areas will also benefit. Financial aid is an office that touches on many areas and helps students to become skilled in a number of different ways. We hope you will come out of this position proficient in many areas that could help you in the future no matter what career you might go into.

Advancement Services Assistant - Position Filled

Public Safety and Transportation Student Assistant

TITLEPublic Safety and Transportation Student Assistant
BASIC FUNCTIONScanning documents and entry into CAMS: vehicle/parking information
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYBackground checks scanned into Filebound and entering vehicle/parking tag information into CAMS, entering tickets into CAMS, basic filing


Learning Center Student Assistant

TITLELearning Center Student Assistant
DEPARTMENTLearning Center
BASIC FUNCTIONAssist learning center staff and librarians as necessary with daily tasks and special projects.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYCheck out, check in, and renew circulating learning center materials, including Reserves, on the automated system at the Circulation Desk. Answer phone and give basic information or direct the question to a library staff member or librarian. Shelve books in correct call number order, including Reference and other smaller collections. Gather unshelved books and periodicals and return them to the Circulation Desk for check in as “in-house” use. Work on shifting projects as assigned. Keep copiers filled with paper. Retrieve books and periodicals from the stacks. Photocopy articles from periodicals and scan articles as requested. Assist with organization of learning center programming events. Assist in opening and closing the learning center if working during the first or last shift.
RELATIONSHIPSDirectly responsible to the Acquisitions Librarian. The Acquisitions Librarian is directly responsible to the Director of Learning Center Services.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIABe in good communication with supervisor with feedback and schedule changes. Evaluated on ability to successfully complete tasks, ability to work well with others, and quality of work.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSStudent must be in good academic standing and have the ability to work flexible hours, including Saturdays. Microsoft office software skills are required, as well as Internet search abilities and strong communication skills.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESWill gain customer service experience, phone etiquette, and learn other skills to help thrive in the future.

Barista - thePerk

BASIC FUNCTIONGreat customers with a smile, create well made coffee drink to order, and maintain coffee house necessities through restocking, cleaning, and opening/closing shop. This position is mainly concerned with extraordinary customer service and efficient behind the bar work ethic.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYBaristas at thePerk will handle money, make coffees to order, help maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere, and work to create a good customer service experience through serving drinks, and tend necessary coffeehouse maintenance.
RELATIONSHIPSThe Barista position will serve students, faculty & staff, associates of the University (family, friends, donors, etc.). Baristas report to the Manager, and secondly to the Assistant Manager.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSBe able to lift 25lbs, stand for a long duration of time, do basic math, and most importantly, provide great customer service to every customer.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESStudent workers will learn the behind the scenes of managing a business, how to work well on a team, and learn how to holistically tend to a business that exists to provide a fun, healthy, and Christian environment. This job can enhance any vocational objective due to the universal need to relate to others, to manage duties responsibly, and to bring faith and encouragement into every job.

Student Activities - Student Worker - Position Filled

Special Events Assistant - Position Filled

Box Office Assistant - Position Filled

SRC Concessions Staff

TITLESRC Concessions Staff
DEPARTMENTSpecial Events
BASIC FUNCTIONConduct all duties associated with concession stand including inventory, purchasing, marketing and retail sales.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYOpen, operate, and close concessions at events and games. Customer service is vital and representing the University is of importance. Cleaning and organizing products and equipment as well as overseeing the financial aspect of concessions are expected.
RELATIONSHIPSStaff will interact with customers including students, parents and guests of the University. Regular contact with the SRC Manager and Director of Special Events for duties and scheduling.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAFollowing the work schedule is of great importance, along with the customer service during operations. Performance review will be conducted yearly.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSAble to lift 10 lbs, operate a cash register, work evenings and weekends and converse with customers.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESEvent management, marketing, accounting, Hospitality, Sports Management, and Public Relations students may be able to enhance their career goals by taking on greater responsibility in running concessions, scheduling staff, ordering product, enhancing sales, event management and counting money/inventory.

Muncy Desk Supervisor - Position Filled

University Ambassador

TITLEUniversity Ambassador
BASIC FUNCTIONUniversity Ambassadors will serve as one of the faces of the university as they give tours and interact with prospective students and their families, as well as serve the Admissions Office.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITY University Ambassador responsibilities include giving tours to prospective students and families, completing administrative duties in the office, and participate in all recruitment events such as Spartan Preview Day, Spartan Exclusive, and Academic Signing Day. Administrative duties include data entry, scanning, and desk coverage for Admissions support staff. Ambassadors will also be responsible for texting/calling prospective students and inviting them to visit campus. These conversations may be student’s first impression of MBU, so it is essential that Ambassadors positively represent the University well.
RELATIONSHIPS University Ambassadors will report directly to University Ambassador Supervisor. They will interact with prospective students and their families coming to visit campus on individual tours and recruitment events. Ambassadors will also interact with Admissions staff on a day-to-day basis.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIA University Ambassadors will be measured on their communication skills, their ability to be on time, and perform their other duties well.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Must be a current full-time student at MBU (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, excluding summer semester). Must have a GPA of 2.75 or greater. Must exhibit characteristics of dependability, discipline, enthusiasm, and leadership. Must commit to the mission and values of MBU. Must demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills. Must have flexibility in schedule.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVES University Ambassadors will have the opportunity to develop and sharpen their communication and interpersonal skills. Ambassadors will gain valuable experience in preparing and working special events. Ambassadors will also be asked to work with Career Services twice a semester to review their resume and make changes as needed. This role provides an opportunity for students to grow in their professional development.

 – Athletics/Fitness –

Fitness Attendant - Position Filled

Intramural Sports Program Assistant

TITLEIntramural Sports Program Assistant
DEPARTMENTFitness Center
BASIC FUNCTIONThe Intramural Sports Program Assistant is responsible for assisting with program management and implementation of the intramural sport leagues and tournaments throughout the academic year.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYAssists the Intramural Sports Coordinator with recruitment of participants, promotion of intramural sport programs, individual and team registration, enforcing risk management procedures, communicating rules & guidelines of sport and facility, equipment management, set up and break down of equipment/materials at scheduled events, assisting officials, keeping scores, and other duties as required. Expected to attend all scheduled intramural sport competitions and tournaments, plus flexible hours for stat and equipment management/inventory. A majority of the hours will be in the evenings; includes weekdays and weekends.
RELATIONSHIPSThe Intramural Sports Program Assistant is directly responsible to the Intramural Sports Coordinator for the fulfillment of the functions of the position; assistant and coordinator report to the Director of MBU Fitness.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIADemonstrates knowledge of facility operations and emergency procedures, displays understanding of the rules and eligibility requirements of each sport offered.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSAttention to detail and excellent communication, reliable and punctual employee, time management skills, quick learner, and organized. Current CPR, AED, and First Aid certification desired. Recreational sport knowledge preferred, experience with keeping score, stats, etc. is desired. Officiating experience is a plus. The ideal candidate is patient, takes initiative, is detail-oriented, enjoys recreational sports, and is committed to helping promote and grow the intramural sports program.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESExperience will include: program administration, sport management, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. Those with an interest in a recreational or athletic sport management career will gain valuable experience!

Public Relations Assistant

TITLEPublic Relations Assistant
DEPARTMENTUniversity Communications
RELATIONSHIPSThe position will report to the digital and editorial strategist, but work with the entire team. By this, the student will learn from a wide array of backgrounds within communications.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAPerformance will be measured regarding quality of work, effectiveness and the ability to work with a team. Regular feedback will be given, so the student has a chance to grow and reinforce quality work.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESThis position offers the opportunity to work with a communications team and apply what is learned and observed to future internships, positions and current class work.  The ideal candidate is a creative problem solver, with an eye for design, attention to detail, and a willingness to learn.

Facilities Monitor

TITLEFacilities Monitor
BASIC FUNCTIONMonitor Open gyms in SRC gymnasiums twice a week.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYEnsure order is maintained during open gyms. Must sign in all students using facility and monitor the open gym to supervise and ensure safety.
RELATIONSHIPSDirect supervisor will be Nick Sailer
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAFacilities Monitor will meet with Manager of Athletic Operations on a weekly basis to discuss any questions, issues, or ideas.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSMust be enrolled in undergrad courses and able to work twice a week for 3 hours per shift (generally will be 8-11pm) 2.5 minimum GPA
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESStudents will be performing activities that will benefit them in their future professional careers. Student workers will have the opportunity to gain experience in sport and facilities management. Title and experience would be a great addition to a resume.

Athletic Training Aide - Position Filled

 – Specialty Jobs –

Assistant Helpdesk Technician

TITLEAssistant Helpdesk Technician
BASIC FUNCTIONThe role of the HelpDesk Technician is to assist clients who are experiencing any procedural or operating difficulty with the use of IT-managed computers, classroom technology, applications, products or services.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYEffectively, professionally, and respectfully represents other Information Technology staff members, teams, and their services to the client community. Provides support for all Information Technology products and services. Support may include answering questions, troubleshooting problems, teaching or instructing customers regarding software or hardware functionality, and communicating policy. Additionally, it may involve troubleshooting printer issues and resolving difficulties with Smart Classroom Technology. Determines the most effective manner to resolve customer’s technical issue. Engages in research and in-depth troubleshooting to resolve technical issues. Consults with full-time staff when necessary. Records required customer and problem information in the service desk system. Updates tickets with appropriate journal entries of activities, and closes tickets with resolution entered upon completion of the job. Resolves Level 1 work orders. Elevates complex and/or high priority problems to the appropriate full-time IT staff for resolution. Verifies that suggested solutions effectively resolve the users’ problems through verbal or email follow up. Works on HelpDesk related projects as assigned by supervisor.
RELATIONSHIPSHelpDesk Technicians will observe the following relationships: Director of IT: HelpDesk technicians are directly accountable to the Director of IT. Other HelpDesk Technicians: HelpDesk technicians will cooperate and communicate with other technicians to provide the best experience for our clients. Other IT Staff: HelpDesk technicians will work under the direction of other IT staff for their area of responsibility and expertise. Clients: Clients include MBU faculty and staff, students, and consultants retained by IT and other departments.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAObservation by other IT staff members, especially the Helpdesk Manager. Feedback from the user community.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSExperience in hardware, software, network troubleshooting, basic operating system functionality or equivalent training and/or education is extremely beneficial. Customer service experience is preferred. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: This position requires handling confidential information in an appropriate manner. Customer interactions must be handled with diplomacy and tact. Individual must be able to gauge the customer’s technical ability and communicate with them in appropriate technical or non-technical language in a non-condescending manner. PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORK ENVIRONMENT: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Needs ability to use a keyboard to enter and retrieve data. Must have good eyesight to view computer monitor and phone. Lifting and/or carrying of 15-30 lbs. or more and the pushing and pulling of carts when necessary. Integrity, patience, energetic, positive, professional, team player.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESReading and comprehension. Following verbal and written instructions. Research and application of findings. Learning is a basic requirement of this position.

Laboratory Teaching Assistant (Lab TA) - Position Filled

Data Analysis Intern

TITLEData Analysis Intern
BASIC FUNCTIONWill work in Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (OIER) to help collect and analyze data for accreditation. Will also serve as a Teaching Assistant when needed.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYWill be responsible for keying data into Excel spreadsheets, analyzing data, and serving as a TA.
RELATIONSHIPSWill interact with OAIR and Academic Deans.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAWeekly meeting and Semester Reviews.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSThe approved applicant will need experience using Microsoft Office, primarily Word and Excel.  Applicant will need to possess a good mathematical background.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESThis position will help applicants understand the process of data-driven decision making, which is needed in all disciplines.

Social Media Assistant for the Dean of the School of Business

TITLESocial Media Assistant for the Dean of the School of Business
DEPARTMENTSchool of Business
BASIC FUNCTIONThe Dean, School of Business needs an assistant to monitor and manage all aspects of the School of Business social media presence.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITY1. Develop a social media strategy for the Dean and School of Business as directed by the Dean 2. Manage the Dean, School of Business’ LinkedIn and Twitter presence by posting and replying as directed by the Dean 3. Manage Facebook and MBU School of Business Student Portal presence with approval of Dean 4. Manage the School of Business Website as directed by the Dean 5. Other assignments for the Dean as there are down times between social media specific assignments
RELATIONSHIPS1. Direct report to the Dean, School of Business 2. MBU Communications office as necessary
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIADevelop a Social Media Strategy for the Dean (LinkedIn and Twitter) and School of Business (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) -Degree of cooperation with and ability to accurately follow instruction from the Dean -Ability to generate creative and interesting ideas for planning and posting -Evidence of ability to self-direct and persist to completion on assignments -Identify current business topics and events each week to post on each social media outlet -Take pictures and video clips of School of Business events and post on each social media outlet -Accuracy of communication skill (grammar, spelling, word usage, efficiency and effectiveness of communication) -Timely reporting of posts for which the Dean needs to follow-up -Timely, effective, and compelling communication of University events directly related to the School of Business as well as events occurring in other departments that would benefit and be of interest to business students -Degree of communication effectiveness will be determined based on increased student viewing of School of Business and Dean postings on each social media outlet as well as the increase in the number of business school students attending and participating in advertised events
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSJunior or Senior standing -Knowledge and experience with developing a social media strategy -Knowledge and experience with data analytics of social media -Marketing or Communications major preferred Public Relations Minor a plus
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESProvide experience in marketing and communication best practices as applied to social media Apply marketing and branding skills

Fine Arts Student Assistant

TITLEFine Arts Student Assistant
BASIC FUNCTIONThe student worker will assist the Fine Arts faculty and staff with various tasks related to the operation of the Fine Arts Division.  Students will be assigned to work with specific faculty or in the Fine Arts office, depending on their individual strengths.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYDuties may include: Assisting in the Communications Studio with equipment checkout, storage and maintenance; Managing incoming and outgoing mail; Assisting in setup and tear down of equipment for various performance groups and organizations; Creating concert programs for and helping to promote University events; Assisting in preparing recruitment materials, display setup and greeting prospective students at Spartan Preview Days, Media Talk, and scholarship auditions; Assisting in house management (ushering, box office, greeting, etc.) for various Fine Arts events; Assisting music faculty at student recitals; Helping to maintain the music library; Running errands on and off campus for division faculty and staff
RELATIONSHIPSFine Arts Administrative Assistant: student will report to the Administrative Assistant for regular assignments and timesheet approval; Fine Arts Faculty: students may be assigned to help individual faculty with special projects, ensembles, performances or errands
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAKeep regular attendance in both work study and classes; Use courtesy and proper procedures when representing the University and the Fine Arts Division at campus events; Keep confidential any work-related information; Exhibit a willing attitude to do task
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSMust be a major in the Fine Arts area (Communications, Music, Theatre); Must have availability to work some evenings and weekends; Must have a professional work ethic
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESStudents assigned to work in the Communications Studio will gain practical experience in the operation of a professional media studio.  Students assigned to work with individual music faculty will gain skills in the administration of performance ensembles.

Assistant to Dr. John Han

TITLEAssistant to Dr. John Han, Professor of English & Creative Writing and editor of Integrite and Cantos
BASIC FUNCTIONAssist Dr. John Han with grading and editing.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYGrade student papers and exams in English.  Edit scholarly and creative submissions to Integrite and Cantos, the national and regional publications, respectively, published by Missouri Baptist University.
RELATIONSHIPSWill interact with Dr. Han as his assistant/helper.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAPromptness, dependability, proficiency.
MINIMUM REQUIRMENTSBasic skills in English grammar.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESThe student will learn how to grade English papers and exams and how to edit scholarly papers and creative works.  The student is given the titles of Editorial Assistant for Integrite: A Faith and Learning Journal and Assistant Editor for Cantos: A Literary and Arts Journal.  Working in this office would provide an outstanding opportunity to enhance student’s academic profile.

School of Nursing Student Worker - Position Filled

Special Events, Marketing and PR Assistant

TITLESpecial Events, Marketing and PR Assistant
DEPARTMENTHealth and Wellness
BASIC FUNCTIONWorks directly under Employment and Office Coordinator who reports to the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Career Services in organizing and maintaining services for students and alumni.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYAssists Employment and Office Coordinator and Program Support Assistant with gathering and planning and organization of Career Services and Health and Wellness related events/programs. Assists Program Support Assistant with research and implementation of public relations, marketing and web maintenance for Career Services and Health & Wellness related events/programs. Assists in the marketing and promotion of all Career Services events. Assists with the implementation and maintenance of mentorship programs (alumni and student). Assists in researching and gathering resources for internship packet published twice per year. Assists with the production and mailing of the follow-up surveys to recent graduates, one year alumni and five year alumni to track employment and graduate school information after their time at MBU. Enters survey data into spreadsheets used for tracking information about students, alumni and employers that work with Career Services. Creates publications and materials to advertise job opportunities and other Career Services activities and events. Provides customer service to all students, alumni, staff, faculty and visitors that enter Student Development. Assists with general functions of the Career Services Office and some areas which involve Student Development as a whole.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSFamiliarity with general office equipment including:  fax, copier computer, etc. Strong oral and written communication skills.  Must have excellent phone and people skills.  Must be a confident problem solver. Ability to utilize Microsoft applications including:  Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Publisher. Familiarity/experience with design programs, specifically Adobe Creative Suite. Must have the ability to work collaboratively as well as independently within the office of Student Development.  Must be able to maintain confidentiality and a sense of ethics in dealing with matters that are of a sensitive nature. Must possess a sense of quality and standards for working in a professional office environment. Must have strong sense of customer service and the ability to serve and assist visitors that enter Career Services and/or Student Development
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESThis position is particularly geared for an upperclassman Communications or PR student. They will be able to use the knowledge learned in the classroom and complete projects in the office relevant to their knowledge.

Digital Media Assistant

TITLEDigital Media Assistant
DEPARTMENTUniversity Communications
BASIC FUNCTION«Basic_Function»
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYIn this position, the student will assist in tasks including, but not limited to: updating mobap.edu to best practices and correct information, social media coverage and planning, creating and editing digital content and contributing to digital media strategic initiatives.
RELATIONSHIPSThis position reports to the Director of Digital Communications & Content Strategy now.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAPerformance will be measured regarding quality of work, effectiveness and the ability to work with a team. Regular feedback will be given, so the student has a chance to grow and reinforce quality work.
MINIMUM REQUIRMENTSStudents with communications-related majors are preferred, but not required. Strong skills in writing, critical thought and communications is required. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress and HTML is strongly preferred, and knowledge of professional photography is preferred.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESThis position offers the opportunity to work with a communications team and apply what is learned and observed to future internships, positions and current class work. The ideal candidate is a creative problem solver, with an eye for design, attention to detail and a willingness to learn.

Creative Intern

TITLECreative Intern
DEPARTMENTUniversity Communications
BASIC FUNCTION The Creative Intern will assist the Art Director with various needs including helping out with University photoshoots and shooting event photography at a variety of University sponsored events throughout the semester. The position may also include graphic design work as well.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITY Basic DSLR Photography skills are required including a knowledge of aperture, shutter and ISO as well as other DSLR camera functions. Intern will be required to work University events that may be held in the evening or on weekends.
RELATIONSHIPS The Creative Intern will work closely and report to the University Art Director.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIA The Creative intern will be required to provide quality images for the various shoots that they’re assigned to. As well as designs created within a timely manner of being assigned.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Basic DSLR Photography skills are required including a knowledge of aperture, shutter and ISO as well as other DSLR camera functions. Intern will be required to work University events that may be held in the evening or on weekends. Must be a team player and willing to put themselves out there “to get the shot” as requested by the University Communications department. Also, must be able to produce edited images or designs within the given timeframes.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVES Will be beneficial to Communication students to add this skill set on their resumes.

Career Development Assistant - Position Filled

Production Assistant

TITLEProduction Assistant
DEPARTMENTSpecial Events
BASIC FUNCTIONBasic audio, lighting and stage service operations serving the campus and outside groups for events and productions.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYAssisting with weekly chapel, concerts, or campus events with duties ranging from transitioning equipment, operating/training in lighting/audio, and other projects as directed by the Media & Production Specialist.
RELATIONSHIPSThe Production Assistant will report directly to the Media & Production Specialist and work under the Special Events department with some duties outlined by the Director of Special Events.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAShowing up when scheduled for work and following through tasks as assigned routinely.
MINIMUM REQUIRMENTSAbility to lift 20 lbs, interest and willingness to learn audio, visual and production skills.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESProduction, (including worship, theatre, music, academic workshops) communication, event management skills will be utilized and taught. Client communication and an emphasis on serving with excellent customer service is vital.

Tutor, Writing Coach, Administrative Assistant

TITLETutor, Writing Coach, Administrative Assistant
DEPARTMENTStudent Success Center
BASIC FUNCTIONTutoring students in all general education courses, coaching students in all writing courses and functions and all front desk administrative duties.
RESPONSIBILITIES AND AUTHORITYWorking with students daily with tutoring, writing and administrative functions.
RELATIONSHIPSInteractions with all students, SSC staff, full-time and adjunct faculty, Records staff, coaches and anyone else who uses the SSC.
PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT CRITERIAReviews will be conducted at the end of each semester for these positions.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSMust have excellent customer services skills, proficient in their area of tutoring and or writing skills, flexible, dependable, pleasant guest service attitude, and superior organization skills.
ACADEMIC OBJECTIVESTutors and writing coaches have an opportunity to learn skills for teaching, editing, writing and those skills are great to be able to list on a resume.

Institutional Work

Intl. Student Services Student Worker - Position Filled

Campus Ministry Intern - Position Filled

Faith and Service Intern- Position Filled