Past Due Accounts & Collections

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Past Due Accounts

Students are expected to pay their balance by the due date. Failure or refusal to pay does not release students from their financial responsibility for assessed tuition and fees. Upon delinquency, Missouri Baptist University will place a Business Office hold on the student account, which will prevent the issuance of a transcript and/or diploma, and registration. Students are sent e-mail notifications via their MBU e-mail account notifying them of their balance.

Payment plans are available to assist students in rehabilitating their account with the University. Please contact the Student Accounts Office at StudentAccounts@mobap.edu for more information.

Third-Party Collections

Students who are no longer enrolled and whose student account is delinquent will be referred to a third-party collection agency and will no longer receive billing statements from the University. Once the student’s balance is placed in collections, the University is no longer able to offer a payment arrangement for the past due balance.

Account holders who wish to pay their debt should contact the third-party collection agency directly in order to make payment arrangements. Transcript releases and registration will remain on hold until the account balance with the collection agency has been paid in full.

Missouri Baptist University currently contracts with three collection agencies:

National Credit Management

PO Box 32900
St. Louis, MO 63132

General Revenue Corporation

PO Box 495999
Cincinnati, OH 45249



201 N Brookwood Ave
Hamilton, OH 45013


 Q: I am on a payment plan. Can my transcript be released? 
A: No. MBU Policy requires balances to be paid in full before a transcript will be issued.

Q: I filed for Bankruptcy. How does this affect my debt to MBU?
A: Tuition accounts are considered an “educational benefit”, therefore a non-dischargeable debt, pursuant to Section 523(a)(8) of the Bankruptcy Code. Missouri Baptist University does not collect on accounts that are in active bankruptcy. Upon discharge or dismissal, the university may resume collection activity, if applicable. Please contact the Student Accounts Office for more information.

Q: I was told my balance was “written-off”. Do I still have to pay it?
A: Yes. A write-off of an account in no way forgives the debt to the university on behalf of the student. Rather, a write-off is an administrative action taken to adhere to accounting policy. Missouri Baptist University maintains records of accounts written-off and will reinstate collection activity if the former student would like to re-enroll, requests transcripts, or any other university services. Bad debt balances cannot be paid online and must be paid either in person or by mailing in written payment.