God’s Story, Our Story

Faith and Learning

The Christian Scriptures tell of the majesty of God and his great love for his creation. Understanding our place in God’s story enables and moves us to love and equip others. 

Overview of God’s Story


God is the good, sovereign Lord of all who spoke the universe into existence. He called his creation good and very good. He created man and woman in his image. He desired for their lives to flourish, and he tasked them with being fruitful and tending his garden. Learn more.



Adam and Eve rejected God’s instruction not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and rebelled against God. Their sin introduced pain, suffering, and death. Ultimately, it brought separation from God. Learn more.



At the right time, God sent forth his own Son – Jesus Christ our Lord to provide redemption and reconciliation. Jesus, fully God and fully man, lived without sin.  He gave up his life as a ransom for many. He rose again bodily, conquering sin and death. Now, all who call on his name for forgiveness of sins will be saved. Learn more.



Jesus has promised he will return, and all wrong things will be made right. He will create a new heaven and a new earth, and those who are in Christ will receive new bodies. God will be with us, and we will be with God for everlasting life. Learn more.