Natural Sciences Division

The Natural Sciences division at Missouri Baptist University includes the areas of Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Physics. The division and its faculty are committed to education, professionalism and excellence within the framework of a Christian worldview and within the mission of the university as a whole. Learn More

Interdisciplinary Studies Division

The Interdisciplinary Program at Missouri Baptist University seeks to carry out its liberal arts mission by providing courses which integrate the various academic disciplines.
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Humanities Division

The Humanities Division seeks to give students a broad basis in the liberal arts tradition from a Christian worldview, integrating faith and learning in literature, languages, ethical and philosophical trends affecting the society of today; enhancing the development of a broad spiritual and intellectual foundation; and cultivating the ability to function efficiently in an increasingly diverse and global age. Learn More

Health & Sport Sciences Division

The Division of Health and Sport Sciences at Missouri Baptist University is committed to promoting intellectual, spiritual and professional development; striving to enhance the quality of life through the advancement of knowledge in health, sport management and human performance; and forming responsive and collaborative relationships with faculty, staff, students, alumni, schools and business and industry leaders.
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Fine Arts Division

The Fine Arts Division seeks to provide experiences in the arts for all students through a Christian perspective. Learn More

School of Education

The Education Division at Missouri Baptist University seeks to develop reflective, problem-solving, professional educators of excellence from a Christian perspective and to significantly influence students through the demonstrated integration of Christian faith and learning in the classroom, so that they may become positive change agents in a globally and culturally diverse society. Learn More

School of Business

The Business Division at Missouri Baptist University offers majors and minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Systems, Management and Marketing. Learn More