Student Covid Packing List

students wearing masks while sitting in the quad
  • Digital Thermometer for personal use.
  • Computer compatible with University software requirements (most Chromebooks are not compatible with lockdown browsers for online testing and are not recommended).
    • Computer with reliable, high-speed internet connection
    • Up-to-date internet browser supported by Canvas
    • Webcam for testing, office hours, meetings and still/video images
    • Headphones or earbuds and microphone (Computer mics usually work.)
    • Microsoft Office to open files (MBU students have free access to Microsoft 365.)
  • Face covering/Mask (see Personal Protective Equipment section below).
  • Hand Sanitizer for personal use.
  • Cleaning supplies for your residence hall room or off-campus residence.
  • Students living in the residence halls are suggested to bring a caddy for their bathroom toiletries (toothbrush etc.) to bring back to their room after using.