Employee Workplace Needs

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Click here to print MBU Covid signage for your area.

For the safety of the entire MBU community, the following practices are being implemented among faculty and staff.

  • MBU will utilize virtual meetings and remote work as much as possible to create more physical space on campus for physical distancing protocols. Google Meet and Microsoft Teams is free to every community member. In-person meetings are subject to the public health guidelines and will require face masks or coverings, should not exceed 50% of the room’s capacity and 6 feet of separation must be maintained for physical distancing.
  • MBU will utilize Microsoft Teams as a primary form of individual communications with faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and Staff should login to Microsoft Teams when arriving to work for the day. Students are encouraged to download the Microsoft Teams app for their phone in order to virtually interact with faculty and staff after scheduling a meeting at acceptable time for the faculty or staff member.
  • MBU will implement symptom monitoring protocols using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance to require faculty and staff to stay home when symptomatic.
  • MBU will provide necessary training and safety protocols to protect faculty, staff and students.
  • Faculty will wipe down any equipment used in the classroom or lab at the end of class. Cleaning materials will be provided, and orders for replacement materials can be placed through Campus Operations work order.
  • Additional cleaning products for individual, shared and public spaces can be requested through Campus Operations work order.
  • Payroll Services and supervisors will work individually with employees on accommodations if they are unable to serve in their roles either due to health limitations or child care availability.
  • Faculty and staff should eat outside or in their work space if this is reasonable for their work area. Whether eating in a work space or break room, 6 feet of distance must be maintained between individuals. Surfaces should be wiped down prior to touching them or placing food on them. Before and after eating, wash hands thoroughly. Departments with break rooms should remove or rearrange chairs and tables or add visual cues to support physical distancing practices. Wipe all surfaces, including table, refrigerator handle, coffee machine, etc., after use in common areas.
  • When working in an open environment, be sure to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from co-workers and as much physical distance as possible. When leaving an individual workspace, all employees must use a face covering in accordance with protocols outlined in this document.
  • Departments should assess open work environments and meeting rooms to physically separate and increase distance between co-workers and visitors, such as:
  • Visual cues such as floor decals or signs to indicate to visitors where they should stand or wait in line.
  • Place one-way directional signage for large open workspaces with multiple through-ways to increase the distance between people moving through the space.
  • Consider designating specific stairways for up or down traffic if building space allows.

In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, remote work arrangements are contingent upon supervisor approval.