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Below are the highlights of the academic initiatives, specifically those connected to other components of the Spartan Safe Campus Initiative. Final decisions will be made as more information is available. Each course and instructional area has been evaluated to appropriately meet guidelines and ensure a strong learning environment.

Beginning Jan. 10, 2022, MBU students, employees, and visitors will be required to wear face coverings in indoor spaces except for private living and work areas. This policy will be reevaluated Jan. 31 based on local Covid 19 conditions. 

Weekly chapel will be held virtually through January 27, 2022 with an anticipated return to in-person chapel on February 3, 2022. Students may participate in chapel via MBU’s YouTube Channel or through the iAttended App.  

All faculty and students should take their temperature daily and review the symptoms outlined in the symptom monitoring protocol in this document. Faculty and students should not report to class unless they are fever-free and COVID-19 symptom-free.

Some courses or labs will have specific protocols that must be maintained by all participants.

Anyone who is not compliant with classroom and lab protocols will be asked to leave the classroom until compliance can be maintained. If a student refuses to follow University guidelines following a request, the faculty member should contact Public Safety to have the student removed. Refusal to comply with classroom protocols will be deemed “failure to comply with the reasonable direction of a University official” and is subject to accountability in accordance with the Spartan Virtues (Student Handbook).

Students will be expected to assist with maintaining a sanitized environment by wiping down their desk and chair with equipment provided by the University when arriving and departing from their space.

Mandatory attendance taking and assigned seating will be practiced by faculty for all in-person classes which will assist with contract tracing protocols.

MBU community members should continue to use the Spartan Safe App for daily health assessment as well as for contract tracing in the case of signs or symptoms, a positive COVID test result, or suspected or confirmed COVID-19 exposure. 

Anyone who visits campus must complete a daily COVID-19 assessment using the Spartan Safe App.  

MBU Athletics will continue to adhere to all NAIA and AMC guidelines and student athletes must complete the COVID-19 assessment prior to team practice or competition.  

Students will not be academically penalized for missing class due to COVID-19 related symptoms and appropriately staying at home/in their residence hall. Students should immediately contact their faculty if they will miss class.

If a student feels unsafe to attend a class in-person for a significant part of the semester he/she should contact the faculty member to determine how to fulfill the requirements for that course. 

**Please note, some classes require high levels of participation, which cannot be replicated virtually and if students will not attend in-person they should speak with their faculty member and adjust their schedule accordingly or risk not meeting the academic requirements.