Contact Tracer   

I. Basic Functions   

Reaches out to people (contacts) who have been exposed to COVID-19 and providing health education and guidance to interrupt ongoing disease transmission.  This work will include providing investigative, educational, program coordination, and patient intervention services.

Supports mitigation strategies including education, marketing, and preventative measures.

II. Responsibilities & Essential Functions 

  1. Initiate prompt communication with people exposed to COVID-19 (contacts) through text, phone calls, email, and other communication platforms as necessary. Primary platform is Maxient case management system.
  2. Verify the contact’s identity during initial communications and prior to disclosing confidential information. Assure confidentiality and carry out efforts to locate and communicate with clients in a manner that preserves the confidentiality and privacy of all involved.
  3. Notify the contact of their exposure to COVID-19, following a script or guidance to provide COVID-19 health education. Conduct notification of exposure in a manner that maintains the confidentiality of the patient (or person who was diagnosed with COVID-19) and ensures that the identity of the positive individual is NOT disclosed.
  4. Provide approved information and guidance on quarantine procedures and what to do if symptoms develop. Provide referrals for testing, healthcare, and other supportive services, as needed, per standard protocols.
  5. Utilize a computer, tablet, and/or cell phone with appropriate access to required applications, databases, and/or web-based platforms, daily. Document pertinent information in COVID-19 contact tracing forms, and conduct data entry into health department data/surveillance systems while adhering to protocols for completeness, timeliness, and frequency.
  6. Collaborate and coordinate with MBUN COVID Contact Tracing Team to efficiently complete contact notification and monitoring assignments. Document and inform the team and supervisor when attempts to communicate with a contact are unsuccessful. Elevate complex situations to supervisor for further guidance.
  7. Maintain patient confidentiality and ensure that all information is collected in concordance with local data privacy and confidentiality standards.
  8. Perform other duties as assigned.

III. Relationships 

  • Reports to Dean of Students Office

IV. Performance Measurement Criteria 

An annual performance evaluation shall be conducted by the Vice President for Student Development & Dean of Students to determine if the positions overall performance is meeting the expected requirements of his/her role and to review and analyze strengths and weaknesses, with focus on future goals and objectives. 

V. Requirements  

  • Student Worker Position
  • Must maintain a high level of confidentiality 

VI. Compensation 

  • Part-Time Position
  • $12 per hour