Society of Fine Arts

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MBU Society of Fine Arts (SOFA) Purpose Statement

“The purpose of the Missouri Baptist University Society of Fine Arts (SOFA) is to enhance the culture of the University community, present quality programs that promote the arts from a Christian perspective and engage constituents to support the fine arts at MBU.

How Your Gift Can Help.

As a member of SOFA, you have the direct opportunity to foster, enhance, and strengthen the arts at Missouri Baptist University. When students study the arts at MBU, they work under a world-class faculty in one of St. Louis’ premiere fine arts facilities. They discover their God-given talents and hone their lives’ calling. They become artists.

Through your SOFA membership, you become a partner in the University’s unique efforts to create an environment that promotes a culture of continual artistic enhancement within a solid Christian context. SOFA members receive exclusive benefits and privileges, but, perhaps more importantly, they provide MBU Fine Arts the means to continually experience new highs of artistry.

Your Gift Will Benefit:

  • Communications
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • Worship Arts