Missouri Baptist University looks to a future filled with promise for promoting a flourishing campus community that transforms the lives of students and prepares them to address the significant challenges facing the world. Our bright future will be characterized by renewed energy, innovation and a steadfast commitment to our distinctive Christian heritage. To learn more about who we are and where we’re going, visit the MBU50 page.

This is your opportunity to have a hand in molding the future of young people who share your faith. Their talents, their passions and their goals all shine from within. But inspiration comes from the outside. And that inspiration starts with you.

To contribute, give online here or contact the Office of University Advancement at 314-392-2305.

Giving Back

Why Give?

The opportunity is yours. You can choose to invest in the lives of students, helping develop tomorrow's leaders, inspiring them to be agents for change on a global scale. Honor a family member, friend, or loved one through an endowed scholarship. Help support new facilities and watch as MBU grows into the best of the best. Become a member of the Spartan Athletic Club, or the Society of Fine Arts (SOFA). Help expand the University's efforts to live out its mission through mission trips or various ministry groups.