Conference COVID-19 guidance


• Bus -same seat entire trip, wear masks, if can’t be 6-feet apart sit with roommate/suitemate {arrange bus seating by hotel rooming list if staying in a hotel}
• Meals -avoid restaurants (bring from campus, pre-order at restaurant)
• Hotels -{limit #/room}
• Institution policies for classrooms should be policies for travel
• No conference policy for meals & hotels, but require schools have a written a policy to limit exposure, all schools develop their policy and provide to conference by August 15.


• Universal form for all schools (give to AD before leaving/after screening OR bring to game and handover to host AT???) {Need to develop info sheet to be part of form}
• Coach communication of departure time, both schools screen in the morning
• Protocols established by AT, done by coach, AD, another administrator or AT
• Daily particularly before game, practice, team meeting, team gathering

Results of Positive Screen -Before Departure

• Positive individual quarantined 14-days or until receive negative test result comes in. Game that day postponed or just that individual and close contact not travel/play.
• All individuals with close contact (ATs to determine that definition but definitely include roommates and suitemates) also quarantined
• Notify opponents from previous 14-days
• Games postponed when more than 1/3 of roster screens positive or deemed to have had close contact with individual that screened positive or those quarantined leave team with less than two substitutions

Results of Positive Screen -On-Site

Where did person sit? Close contact also not able to play. Or just a postponement/cancellation

Postponed Contests

• Lifetime to make-up game, make it up (SOC/BKB/SB -have 1 day following last regularly scheduled game, VB/BB -no extension to season)
• No forfeits awarded


• 50 percent of schools must be “healthy” on the day following the last scheduled regular season game for tournament to take place (Another subcommittee)
• From end of regular season until 72-hours prior to start of the tournament, if a tournament team ends up with a third of team affected, they are out of tournament and first team out now in and everyone re-seeded.
• Inside that 72-hour window or once tournament starts, no changes to qualifying teams, scheduled opponent gets bye
• Drug Free Sport offering testing (active and anti-body) for $79

Other Notes

Federal, state, local and NAIA guidelines will always supersede the Conference’s return to play protocols if any or all of those agencies have guidelines more stringent than that of the Conference. State and local guidelines could result in AMC institutions being subject to different policies.
Return to play protocols apply to all sports (whether sponsored by Conference or not) and all levels (varsity, junior varsity) sponsored by AMC institutions. Exceptions will be made if a sport is a member of another NAIA Conference with more stringent policies.
All teams playing or practicing are subject to the Conference protocols until further notice, it is not limited to in-season teams.
NAIA is waiting to see if the NCAA or National Governing Bodies issue rules modifications due to COVID-19. If those are not released by Sept. 1, the NAIA National Administrative Council will discuss exceptions to the playing rules that may be contrary to what we are trying to accomplish with return to play protocols.