Transcripts of students’ EXCEL courses are available through the Records Department at Missouri Baptist University. Academic transcripts, official or unofficial, must be requested from the Records Department in writing. You may request a transcript at any time during the year. Students planning to register for their freshman year at college should request their EXCEL transcript in early June.
Students requesting transcripts may choose one of the following methods:

Complete and sign the downloadable transcript form and mail or fax it to the MBU Records Department at 314-744-7652.

Write MBU a letter asking to have a transcript sent to the school of your choice. The transcript request letter should include:
Student name
MBU student ID number
The address of the college or university where the transcript is to be sent.
Student signature (**This is most important. Due to federal law, a transcript will not be sent without the student signature).
There is no charge for the first transcript issued for any student. The charge for each subsequent transcript is $6.00.

If you choose to mail transcript requests, please use the following address:

Missouri Baptist University
Attn: Records Office
One College Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141-8698

Or they may be faxed to:
MBU Records Office
(314) 744-7652
For more information visit the transcript requests page.

Transcript Request Form