Who can register to take EXCEL dual credit courses?

To register for EXCEL, students meet the following requirements:

  • They are enrolled as juniors or seniors in an EXCEL high school. Missouri guidelines for dual credit state that sophomores may register for courses only if they have scored in the ninetieth percentile on an ACT or SAT exam and have been recommended by their high school administrator.
  • They are approved by the participating high school.
  • They have an overall 3.0 GPA at the time of registration.

When do I register?

  • At the beginning of each semester (fall semester for year-long courses), the EXCEL staff visits high school classes to provide students with information and materials for registration. In a few schools, teachers receive the information and materials and offer them to their students.
  • Students complete and submit an EXCEL registration form to their designated EXCEL coordinator at the high school. Note: EXCEL accepts registrations from the designated high school coordinator only, not directly from the student. Registrations must include signatures of the student, of the parent/guardian, and of the designated coordinator.

Is there a registration deadline?
Each high school is given a deadline by which students must turn in completed registration forms to the designated coordinator. Deadlines occur two weeks after the classroom visit or delivery of materials by the EXCEL office.  (The two-week deadline exists because on-campus students have two weeks to register for a course once the semester begins.)  The deadline is announced during classroom registration visits by EXCEL staff or is announced by the teacher or coordinator.

May I register late?
Be sure to submit the form on time.  The EXCEL office accepts only those completed registration forms that are submitted to the high school coordinator by the deadline assigned to the high school site.  Deadlines are set for two weeks after the classroom presentation or after the school has received registration forms from the EXCEL office.  The two-week deadline is based on the two-week deadline for on-campus students to register for a class after the semester has begun.

Students may not enroll in a dual credit course after the registration deadline or after the course has ended.

How and when do I pay for the course?

The fee for EXCEL courses during the 2014-2015 school year is $63 per credit hour.

Students may include payment by check or money order with registration or choose to recieve a bill 4-6 weeks after registration. Billed payment can be made by check , credit card, or money order.

What if I want to drop a course?
Students must complete an MBU drop slip designed for EXCEL students. The forms are available through the EXCEL office or can be downloaded here:     excel_drop_form

The student completes the form and gathers the required signatures and then sends the form to the EXCEL office.

There is no tuition refund for dropped courses