How do I receive credit for an MBU dual credit course?
To receive credit on a Missouri Baptist University transcript, students fulfill these requirements:

According to a policy effective July 1, 2008, all grades (including Ds and Fs) earned by students registered through EXCEL will be recorded on their Missouri Baptist University transcripts.

The following entry appears in the Missouri Baptist University catalog:

Missouri Baptist University considers all grades earned through EXCEL as university grades. All earned grades will appear on the student’s transcript and will become part of the student’s undergraduate GPA if the student enrolls as a full-time student at Missouri Baptist University. Students planning to attend other colleges or universities should note that most institutions do not accept transfer courses in which students have earned grades lower than a “C.”

Courses officially dropped, using a completed, signed, and submitted drop form from the EXCEL Office, on or before the census date, will not appear on the student’s transcript. Students who registered and paid fees before the census date will be eligible for a refund. Courses officially dropped after the census, but before 80% of the course has been completed, will appear on the transcript with the grade of W, indicating that the student withdrew without grade point penalty. Students dropping a course after the census date will not be eligible for a refund. Courses dropped after 80% of the course has been completed will appear on the transcript with a WF; no refund will be available.

If a participating high school chooses to establish a minimum passing grade higher than the university requirement for receiving college credit through the EXCEL program, the school must file a written statement to that effect with the university. This information must also be made available by the high school in writing to its students before they register for courses through EXCEL.

Questions about grades should be resolved with your dual credit instructor.

What is a credit hour?
College courses are usually described in terms of credit hours. Some courses are considered as “three-hour courses.” In other cases, courses may be considered for one, two, four, or even five hours of credit.

What happens when I earn college credit?
Upon successful completion of an EXCEL course with at least a “C,” you will earn course credit from Missouri Baptist University and the course will appear on your MBU transcript.

How can the college credit be used?
College and universities often accept coursework completed at other universities. Upon receiving the student’s transcript, institutions can transfer the credit hours into the planned program of study, reducing the number of courses the student must complete in order to graduate. Another option is that the university can exempt the student from taking certain courses required for freshmen and sophomores including introductory courses in composition, math, science and social studies. Students may also be able to use the transfer credit for prerequisites for their major or minor fields of study.

What is the difference between “like” credit and “elective” credit?
In most cases, a dual credit course is transferred and accepted as the same course the student would need to complete as a freshman or sophomore. It transfers as “like” credit.

In other cases, the credit hours are counted as “elective” credit because the receiving university does not have a course that matches the course the dual credit student is transferring. In that case, the student can count the hours toward graduation but may still need to take a course that is similar to, but not the same as, the dual credit course.