Register for 2020 Workshops

Note: New NACEP accreditation standards and current Missouri dual credit policy require annual professional development for current dual credit teachers and orientation for new dual credit teachers.

Current and new teachers should plan to attend the morning professional development workshops.

New teachers should also plan to attend both the morning session and the afternoon orientation.

Coordinators/counselors are invited to lunch and a follow-up session on new NACEP accreditation standards.

Discipline-specific professional development and orientation will be available on these dates:

Accounting—June or July
Anatomy & Physiology—June or July
Biology— June or July
Chemistry—June or July
Computer Information—June or July
Education—July only
English—June or July
Geology—June only
Health and Sports Science—June only
History/Political Science—June or July
Math—June or July
Music—June or July
Physics—June or July
Psychology—June or July
Speech—July only