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Statement of Purpose

The EXCEL program serves the following purposes:

  1. To provide an opportunity for high-achieving high school students to earn college credit, thereby avoiding duplication of course work during the first year of college.
  2. To provide high-achieving students, who have completed introductory college courses while in a high school setting, an enhanced opportunity to select a broader range of college courses.
  3. To provide an academic service to the public and private educational community.
  4. To provide Missouri Baptist University as an accredited option for baccalaureate degree studies.

Policy on Student Eligibility

Students seeking to enroll in an MBU course through EXCEL must meet certain criteria and provide a signed approval by the designated high school administrator or coordinator* and by the student’s parent or guardian.  The following requirements also apply:

Juniors and Seniors

  • Juniors and seniors with an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) are eligible for dual credit courses.
  • Juniors and seniors with an overall grade point average 2.5 – 2.99 (on a 4.0 scale) must provide a signed letter of recommendations from their principal or guidance counselor and provide written from a parent or legal guardian.


  • Sophomores must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • They must provide a signed letter of recommendation from their principal and guidance counselor.
  • They must provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian.


  • Freshmen must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • They must score at the 90th percentile or above on the ACT or SAT.
  • They must provide a signed letter or recommendation from their principal and guidance counselor.
  • They must provide written permission from a parent or legal guardian.

*The designated administrator or coordinator lists the GPA on the registration form.

NOTE:  To enroll in ENGL 113, a student must have an ACT (or equivalent SAT) English score of at least 18.

Policy on Student Enrollment

EXCEL students must adhere to dates comparable to those specified on campus for registration*, drop, withdrawal, fee payment and refund. Each semester a schedule of dates is posted on the EXCEL web pages at

*Each high school is given a registration deadline based on the date of the EXCEL staff visit to provide students or coordinators at the high school sites with registration materials. The registration deadline is no more than 10 business days after the EXCEL staff provides the materials.

Even though EXCEL students may enroll in a class section that includes both dual credit student and students taking the class for high school credit only, course requirements will be the same for all students.

Course content and course requirements of MBU courses in the high school will be comparable to those in the equivalent on-campus courses with the same titles.

Policy on Adding/Dropping Courses

Students may not register for courses after the specified deadlines EXCEL assigns to their high school sites.

Students who do not pay fees by the specified dates will be dropped. The drop date will appear on the EXCEL calendar found at

An EXCEL student may elect to drop a course; however, the student will not receive a refund of the course fee.  If the student chooses to drop a course, he or she must complete an EXCEL Course Withdrawal Form and submit it to the EXCEL office.

If a student has an emergency and/or medical situation or a change of residence to another school attendance area, and must withdraw from all high school courses, including the EXCEL course(s), the student’s parent/guardian and the high school should do the following:

  • The parent/guardian submits official documentation substantiating the emergency and/or medical situation to the high school counselor, EXCEL coordinator, and or EXCEL teacher requesting the withdrawal.
  • If the high school agrees with the request, then the designated EXCEL coordinator submits copies of the documentation and a cover letter requesting EXCEL to grant the student’s withdrawal from the EXCEL course(s) along with a refund.
  • If EXCEL determines the request for withdrawal because of emergency circumstances is valid, they will initiate action to withdraw the student from the college course and to refund the course fee.

Policy on Transcripts and Retention of Academic Records

Final grades for completed EXCEL courses are recorded on an official Missouri Baptist University transcript.  Official academic transcripts must be requested from the Records Office in writing by mail or by fax or in person and must include the signature of the student.  Unofficial transcripts may be printed from Spartan Space (see the EXCEL Student Guide for more information on accessing Spartan Space.) No transcript, official or unofficial, will be issued until the student’s account has been cleared by the EXCEL office.

Missouri Baptist University has adopted the recommendations of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers as its policy concerning retention of student records.  The majority of an EXCEL student’s records is maintained in the permanent file and will be retained until five years after the date of last attendance.

Records of academic performance including individual student records (transcripts) and original graded rosters are maintained permanently in the Records Office.

Policy on Portal Access and Student Services

The EXCEL office provides the following administrative services for its dual credit students: registration directions and materials; admission to the database and registration for dual credit courses; billing, payments, and receipting; grade recording; and student evaluation of courses.  The EXCEL staff consistently and quickly answers questions concerning the program.  Students can also access information about grades and transcripts on Spartan Space.

Spartan Space is Missouri Baptist University’s 24-hour, self-service web portal that gives EXCEL students the ability to access the library online reference sites, print an unofficial student transcript, view and print final grade cards, and pay EXCEL fees online.

EXCEL students are also welcome to attend MBU performances that are free to the public.  For ticketed events, EXCEL students may purchase tickets at the student rate after October 20, when the EXCEL office provides the Special Events office an updated list of EXCEL students registered for fall and full-year courses.

Policy for Approving Instructors

Candidates for EXCEL dual credit teaching must meet the credential requirements for teaching as a part-time MBU instructor and must be approved by the chair of the academic division in which the course is housed.  The candidate must also be approved by the Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs.  Approved candidates will typically have a master’s in the discipline or, if the master’s is in another discipline, at least 18 graduate hours in the subject area.

Policy on Maintaining Communication with EXCEL Teachers 

University liaisons/visitors maintain communication with EXCEL teachers through site visits (at least one per semester), campus visits, and e-mail and phone calls concerning course content and instruction, texts, assessments, and professional development.  Liaisons also lead the annual professional development workshops and, in some cases, teach the graduate courses appropriate for EXCEL subject areas.  EXCEL instructors are expected to participate in professional development each year and to confirm with their liaisons the dates for on-site classroom observations and consultations.

Faculty liaisons or EXCEL staff, at the invitation of the high schools, also complete classroom visits to speak to both students and teachers.  At least once a semester, one of the staff also makes courtesy visits to answer questions or provide materials.  These methods of communication ensure that MBU courses offered at the high school sites reflect the rigor of the on-campus courses and offer continued, convenient communication between the university and EXCEL instructors.

Policy on Maintaining EXCEL Instructor Status

Each calendar year, to maintain approval to offer EXCEL courses and to receive an annual tuition concession for one graduate course, EXCEL instructors are expected to attend  a professional development workshop concerning MBU course curriculum and any updates about EXCEL policies and procedures.  The instructors are also expected to work with their MBU liaisons to schedule a classroom observation and other consultations at the high school site.

Academic dishonesty includes, but not necessarily confined to: plagiarizing; cheating on examinations; submitting counterfeit reports, tests, or papers; stealing tests or other academic materials; knowingly falsifying academic records or documents such as transcripts; and submitting the same work to more than one class without consent of the instructors involved.

Academic dishonesty of any nature will result in disciplinary action, which may include receiving a failing grade on the work in question, failure in the course, or dismissal from the University (Missouri Baptist University Undergraduate Catalog).

Policy on Assessment of Student Performance

Comparable methods of student assessment and testing procedures will be used in the EXCEL course and the equivalent on-campus course. The responsibility for the approval or development of assessment and evaluation measures to assure quality and comparability of EXCEL dual credit courses resides with the on-campus faculty in the appropriate academic discipline.

Policy on Transferability of Credit

In keeping with dual credit guidelines established by the Committee on Transfer and Articulation (COTA), Missouri Baptist University accepts in transfer college credit earned through high school dual credit programs.  Dual credit courses are defined as courses taken for both college and high school credit that were delivered in high school by a high school teacher. The University does not limit the number of dual credit courses or credit hours accepted.  Courses are evaluated on a course-by-course basis for equivalency with courses in the Missouri Baptist University curriculum.  Credit earned through EXCEL, either in the high school setting (dual credit) or on campus (EXCEL-on-Campus dual enrollment), is considered as regular earned hours and does not need to be evaluated for transfer.

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