The three-part EXCEL registration form is provided to students in each approved course during the registration period near the beginning of each semester. (See EXCEL Registration Process.)

Students, parents, and counselors should accurately complete their designated portion of the form which provides important information needed to officially admit and register the student as a non-degree seeking student at Missouri Baptist University. Students are given a specific date by which to return the form to the high school.

The designated EXCEL coordinator at the high school (a principal, counselor, or teacher) returns the completed forms to the EXCEL office. Forms may be submitted only through the high school.

The following checklist will help ensure that forms are complete:

Student and Parents

Student portion complete, accurate, and legible
Course numbers, titles and instructor names accurate and complete
Student and parent/guardian signatures and date complete
Student social security number provided
Student form returned to high school by deadline
File student copy of form (pink) when returned from the EXCEL coordinator.
EXCEL Coordinator

Student GPA and any applicable test scores (for ENGL 113) provided
Signature and date completed
Any accompanying payment securely attached to matching form
Once signed, high school copy (yellow) and student copy (pink) retained
Student copy returned to student; school copy filed
All completed EXCEL forms (white copies) with any attached payments returned to EXCEL office by the assigned deadline.
Note: The high school and student copies help verify that the student registered for the course.