Missouri guidelines for dual credit state that qualified juniors and seniors may register for courses.  Sophomores may register for courses only if they have scored in the ninetieth percentile on an ACT or SAT exam and have been recommended by their high school administrator.

To be approved for an EXCEL course, students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 when they register for the course.

They also must be approved by the designated EXCEL coordinator in their high school (usually a principal or counselor) whose signature on the registration form signifies the approval. The coordinator also lists the GPA on the form.

To be approved for ENGL 113, the student must have an ACT (or equivalent SAT) English score of at least 18. To register for ENGL 123, the student must have successfully completed and have provided a transcript for ENGL 113 through EXCEL (or for a comparable course through another university).