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The grading systems for each individual course will be explained to the students by the course instructor.

Grades are earned by the student after completing the entire course, and the final grade is assigned by the EXCEL teacher in the high school. If the course covers the full school year, one final grade is assigned at the end of the year-long course.

A few weeks before the end of the course, the EXCEL office sends grade rosters to the high school instructors. Instructors should review the rosters and contact the Director of EXCEL Student Services at 314-392-2203 to note any needed changes.

Once the course ends, the high school instructor completes the grade roster, signs and dates the form, and submits the forms to the designated EXCEL coordinator in that building. In some cases, the high school prefers that the instructor mail the signed form directly to the EXCEL office.

In either case, the EXCEL coordinator and/or the instructor should retain a copy of the completed grade roster in case a question arises after the original is mailed. In cases in which the completed roster is faxed to the EXCEL office, the original copy should be mailed as a confirmation.

Note: Missouri Baptist University has approved a policy change to become effective July 1, 2008. According to the new policy, all grades (including Ds and Fs) earned by students registered through EXCEL will be recorded on their Missouri Baptist University transcripts.

The following entry appears in the 2015-2016 MBU catalog:

Missouri Baptist University considers all grades earned through EXCEL as university grades. All earned grades will appear on the student’s transcript and will become part of the student’s undergraduate GPA if the student enrolls as a full-time student at Missouri Baptist University. Students planning to attend other colleges or universities should note that most institutions do not accept transfer courses in which students have earned grades lower than a “C.”

Courses officially dropped, using a completed, signed, and submitted drop form from the EXCEL Office, on or before the census date, will not appear on the student’s transcript. Students who registered and paid fees before the census date will be eligible for a refund. Courses officially dropped after the census, but before 80% of the course has been completed, will appear on the transcript with the grade of W, indicating that the student withdrew without grade point penalty. Students dropping a course after the census date will not be eligible for a refund. Courses dropped after 80% of the course has been completed will appear on the transcript with a WF; no refund will be available.

Because the high school semester ends later than the MBU semester, students will receive grade reports from the EXCEL office after high school instructors have submitted grades and after they have been entered into the student transcripts.