MBU ECP Summer Workshop

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COVID-19 Changes

June 24 Summer Workshop is canceled. 

We will hold the July 22 workshop on campus in two separate shortened sessions.

Assuming St. Louis County social distancing guidelines will allow, we will provide the following at the July Workshop:

  • masks 
  • hand sanitizer
  • boxed lunch
  • increased distancing and cleaning 

If you are unable to attend or feel uncomfortable attending, please indicate below on the registration form. Online content will be provided.

You will be notified if the July 22 workshop must also be canceled.

The MBU ECP summer workshop is a one-day event filled with professional development, training, networking, and collaboration opportunities for partners. You will be the first to hear of program updates and policy changes. Through the workshop sessions, you will benefit from presentations by and discussions with MBU faculty, your faculty liaison, the MBU ECP team, other campus administrators, and fellow dual credit teachers.

Attendees will meet the dual credit teacher expectations of the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) as well as current Missouri policy guidelines and Higher Learning Commission guidelines for dual credit. All three organizations require workshop attendance tracking.  Teachers and coordinators will be paid a $125 stipend for attending the workshop on July 22. Please note that some disciplines will only be offered online. Check the registration form for more details.

The workshop is held on the campus of Missouri Baptist University, 1 College Park Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141.

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Professional Development

In these sessions, MBU faculty members introduce new research in content and/or pedagogy and review course content. On-campus faculty will provide the high school teachers with sample course materials. Sessions include time for discussion about the courses and issues common to instructors of the on-campus and high school sections.

New Teacher Discipline Specific Training and Program Orientation

In addition to professional development, teachers who are new to the EXCEL dual credit program will attend discipline specific training with an MBU faculty member.  The teacher will be introduced to course content such as syllabi, texts, assessments, assignment expectations, grading policies, technology, and other items required for maintaining course alignment and rigor. New teachers will learn what it means to be an EXCEL dual credit teacher and best practices for teaching specific courses.

An orientation to MBU ECP administration policies and procedures is also included for all new teachers and coordinators. During the orientation, new participants are provided with an “MBU ECP Handbook for Instructors and Coordinators. New teachers who do not attend the workshop will be contacted by an MBU ECP staff member who will conduct the training online or in person.

Please contact the MBU ECP office at (314) 392-2203 or e-mail at if you have questions.