MBU ECP Credit and Grading

Credit Hours
College courses are usually described in terms of credit hours. Some courses are considered as “three-hour courses.” In other cases, courses may be considered for one, two, four, or even five hours of credit.  The MBU ECP course descriptions specify the number of credit hours earned per course.

Upon completion of an MBU ECP course you will earn course credit from Missouri Baptist University and the course will appear on your MBU transcript.

College and universities often accept coursework completed at other universities. Click here to learn more about transferability of credit.


Comparable methods of student assessment and testing procedures will be used in the MBU ECP course and the equivalent on-campus course. The responsibility for the approval or development of assessment and evaluation measures to assure quality and comparability of MBU ECP courses resides with the on-campus faculty in the appropriate academic discipline.

If a participating high school chooses to establish a minimum passing grade higher than the university requirement for receiving college credit through the MBU ECP program, the school must file a written statement to that effect with the University. This information must also be made available by the high school in writing to its students before they register for courses through MBU ECP dual credit.

Missouri Baptist University considers all grades earned through MBU ECP as university grades. All earned grades (including Ds and Fs) will appear on the student’s transcript and will become part of the student’s undergraduate GPA if the student enrolls as a full-time student at Missouri Baptist University. Students planning to attend other colleges or universities should note that most institutions do not accept transfer courses in which students have earned grades lower than a “C.”

Because the high school semester ends later than the MBU semester, EXCEL Dual Credit students will receive grade reports from the MBU ECP office after high school instructors have submitted grades and after they have been entered into the student transcripts.  Achieve and dual enrollment students will receive their grades from MBU faculty.

Grade Dispute

Questions about dual credit grades should be resolved with the high school dual credit instructor within the high school’s guidelines. Grade appeals should be conducted per the appeals process in the high school.  Questions about Achieve grades should be communicated through the high school instructor to the Achieve Instructor of Record.  Questions about dual enrollment grades should be resolved with the MBU faculty.

Dropping from a Course

Courses officially dropped, using a completed, signed, and submitted drop form from the MBU ECP Office, on or before the deadline specified on the calendar, will not appear on the student’s transcript.

For more information, contact the MBU Early College Partnerships office at Missouri Baptist University by e-mailing MBUECP@mobap.edu or by calling 314-392-2203.