MBU ECP Student Guide

Welcome to Missouri Baptist University! By registering for an MBU ECP course, you have chosen to pursue a challenging journey into an academic subject that will benefit you in a variety of ways.  You have begun the trip toward full-time college study.

We find that MBU ECP students take their course work seriously and make the most of their high school classes.  We trust you will succeed this semester and that your courses will serve you well now and in your future college years.

Information in this guide will answer many of your questions and those of your parents and guardians.  As an officially registered student at Missouri Baptist University, it is important for you to read this guide.


Click here if you need to complete your registration.  Once you have registered, maintain a file for your MBU ECP course(s) including the following: Your copy of the registration form, the course syllabus, grade reports, and samples of your best work. Try to achieve a good grade.  Many universities will accept only transferred courses with a grade of “C” or above.

MyMBU Account

After your registration form has been processed, you will be assigned an official MBU student number and MyMBU account.  This account is extremely important as it will be used from now on to communicate with you. Instructions on how to set up your MyMBU account can be found here and it will also be sent to the email that you provide in the registration form.  Your MyMBU account can be used to pay your bill online, view your grades online, and print an unofficial transcript.

Transferability of Credit

Colleges and universities often accept coursework completed at other higher education institutions. Learn more here.

Credit and Grading

College courses are usually described in terms of credit hours. Some courses are considered as “three-hour courses.” In other cases, courses may be considered for one, two, four, or even five hours of credit.

The grading systems for each individual course will be explained to the students by the course instructor.   Students earn course grades after completing the entire course, and the final grade is assigned by the high school EXCEL dual credit teacher. If the course covers the entire school year, one final grade is assigned at the end of the yearlong course.

Because the high school semester ends later than the MBU semester, students will receive grade reports from the MBU ECP office after high school instructors have submitted grades and after they have been entered into the student MBU transcripts.

Questions about grades should be resolved with your dual credit instructor.  Learn more here.

Transcript Requests

Transcripts of students’ MBU ECP courses are available at any time during the year.  Students planning to register for their freshman year at college should request their MBU ECP transcript in early June. Click here to request a transcript.

Dropping or Withdrawing from an MBU ECP Course

Students who wish to officially drop or withdraw from a course should follow the drop procedures to determine the impact on tuition and GPA.  Calendar deadlines are strictly enforced regarding drop dates.

MBU ECP and University Policies
MBU Early College Partnerships has policies in place that are specific to high school students enrolled in MBU courses.

University policies are also applicable and can be found here.

This link is also provided on the MBU syllabus provided at the beginning of the course.

MBU ECP Student Services

The office of the Director of MBU Early College Partnerships Student Services  consistently and quickly answers questions concerning the program.  The staff also provides the following administrative services for the program’s students:

  • Scheduling registration visits and materials
  • Admitting students to the MBU database
  • Registering students for courses
  • Billing
  • Collecting and receipting payments
  • Collecting and recording grades
  • Providing student surveys to evaluate MBU ECP courses and instruction

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Students enrolled in MBU ECP courses of any model have rights protected under FERPA.  Learn more here.

Student Disability Services

Missouri Baptist University strives to remove barriers for individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008.  Students who are enrolled through MBU ECP may request accommodations through their teacher or high school coordinator.  Learn more here.

Other services and opportunities for MBU ECP students:

  • Students can access information about grades and transcripts on the web portal titled MyMBU.  It is Missouri Baptist University’s 24-hour, self-service web portal.
  • Through MyMBU, students can access the library online reference sites, print an unofficial student transcript, view and print final grade cards, and pay MBU ECP tuition.
  • MBU ECP students are welcome to attend MBU performances that are free to the public. For ticketed events, MBU ECP students may purchase tickets at the student rate.  (Note:  Students should tell the Special Events office they are registered through MBU ECP, and the office can confirm the registration with the MBU ECP staff.)

If you need other information, please feel free to contact the MBU ECP office at 314-392-2203 or through MBUECP@mobap.edu.