Withdrawing from an EXCEL Course

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Dropping a Course

An EXCEL student may elect to drop a course; however, the student will not receive a refund of the course fee. If the student chooses to drop a course, he or she must complete an EXCEL Course Withdrawal Form and submit it to the EXCEL office.

Withdrawing Because of Medical or Other Emergency Circumstance

If a student has an emergency and/or medical situation or a change of residence to another school attendance area, and must withdraw from all high school courses, including the EXCEL course(s), the student’s parent/guardian and the high school should do the following:

The parent/guardian submits official documentation substantiating the emergency and/or medical situation to the high school counselor, EXCEL coordinator, and or EXCEL teacher requesting the withdrawal.

If the high school agrees with the request, then the designated EXCEL coordinator submits copies of the documentation and a cover letter requesting EXCEL to grant the student’s withdrawal from the EXCEL course(s) along with a refund.

The cover letter and documentation should be submitted to the following address:

EXCEL Office
Attn: Student Withdrawal
Missouri Baptist University
One College Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141

If EXCEL determines the request for withdrawal because of emergency circumstances is valid, they will initiate action to withdraw the student from the college course and to refund the course fee.