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Teachers seeking to teach Missouri Baptist University courses through EXCEL should demonstrate strong credentials in the chosen discipline, experience in teaching the subject, a recommendation by their high school administrators, and a dedication to offering students a challenging college course in the high school setting.

For approval, candidates should hold the credentials expected of part-time instructors on the MBU campus.  Credentials should meet the requirements expected by the Higher Learning Commission and stated in the guidelines of the Missouri Department of Higher Education’s Dual Credit Policy.

Chairs of the academic divisions at MBU evaluate EXCEL candidates on the following recommended criteria:

  • Master’s degree in the discipline or a master’s degree including or in addition to at least 18 graduate hours in the EXCEL subject*
  • Three years teaching in the subject area
  • Certification in the subject area

*EXCEL courses offered by the Division of Business are in the professional areas of accounting and computer information.  Credential criteria follow:

  • Master’s degree in business or business education with graduate hours in the content area.


  1. A high school administrator in a current or potential EXCEL school or an EXCEL coordinator in a current school contacts the Director of EXCEL with a potential candidate’s name.
  2. To start the review, the Director may ask for a short summary of the candidate’s credentials and experience.  If the candidate is not likely to be approved, the the name is not entered into the candidate list and no application forms are submitted for review.
  3. If the Director determines that the credentials are suitable for a review by a division chair, then the candidate completes the EXCEL Faculty Information Form and submits it along with undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
  4. The Director reviews the materials for completeness, signs the faculty form, and then sends copies to the appropriate division chair and/or meets with the chair to discuss the credentials.
  5. If the chair approves the credentials, he or she signs the appropriate line on the form.
  6. The form and credentials then go to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs for his signature. Note:  In some cases, a division chair and the Senior Vice President discuss the appropriateness of the combination of academic credentials and scholarly/professional experience to determine if a candidate would be suitable as a part-time instructor on the university campus and therefore as a concurrent enrollment instructor.
  7. If the candidate is approved by both the chair and the vice president, then the Director of EXCEL calls or e-mails the high school administrator to confirm the approval.  If the candidate is not approved, the Director also calls or e-mails the administrator or coordinator and lists the additional criteria that should be met before the candidate could be approved.  If some cases, the candidates needs to add only a few graduate hours in the subject area, and if the candidate can complete the coursework within the year, he or she may be provisionally approved for one year until the coursework is complete.

After Acceptance

Once accepted, EXCEL teachers are expected to participate in the following events:

  • Summer orientation for new EXCEL teachers and the discipline-specific workshop for the EXCEL discipline they will be teaching.  Sessions led by MBU faculty and EXCEL staff cover course expectations including syllabi, content, texts, teaching methods, assignments, assessments, and grading.  On-campus faculty provide the high school instructors with sample course materials during the orientation.

An orientation to EXCEL administration policies and procedures is also included.  During this session, new teachers meet with the EXCEL staff and receive an instructor handbook.  The handbook and the orientation session cover the program’s annual calendar, procedures for enrollment/registration, forms, course-end evaluations, and grade reporting.  Orientation also covers policies about registration, attendance, dropping, courses, and academic honesty as well as information about campus opportunities for EXCEL instructors.

  • Annual EXCEL workshop sessions for professional development

EXCEL teachers are also strongly encouraged to attend summer wokrshop sessions led by MBU faculty.  In the session, MBU faculty members introduce new research in content and pedagogy and review courses expectations and grading policies for both veteran and new EXCEL teachers.

Sessions include time for discussion and for questions and answers about syllabi, texts, possible new courses, and other issues common to both high school and college instructors.

Maintaining EXCEL Instructor Status

Each calendar year, to maintain approval to offer EXCEL courses and to receive an annual tuition concession for one graduate course, EXCEL instructors are expected to:

  • Attend a professional development workshop concerning MBU course curriculum and any updates about EXCEL policies and procedures.
  • Work with their MBU liaisons to schedule a classroom observation and/or other consultations at the high school site.
  • Update their EXCEL syllabi and course assignments and assessments as directed by the liaisons and submit the updated syllabi to the liaisons or to the EXCEL office.
  • Allow EXCEL students to complete course evaluations.
  • Submit final course grades in a timely manner to the EXCEL office.